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80th Birthday Invitations to Celebrate the Glory of Eight Decades

80th Birthday Invitations
Getting the opportunity to make 80th birthday invitation is something great and is in the luck of only a few. We have explained you how to go ahead with it. Keep reading.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Celebrating 80th birthday of your parents is indeed a special for you. You are busy with the preparing the to-do list so that nothing is missed out on the great event. More than gifts, it's the presence of old friends, relatives, and the family as a whole that makes the birthday an occasion to rejoice. I'm sure every close friend and relative of you and your parents will be keen to attend the birthday celebration. Henceforth, you should start sending birthday invitations well in advance.

80th Birthday Invitation Wordings

In recent times, birthday invitations are usually sent through e-mails and text messages. However, you can bring out that vintage flavor in sending invitations in the form of greeting cards and letters. Inscribe beautiful birthday wordings synonymous to the figure eighty, place it inside a customized envelope and then send it to the concerned person. You can also prepare a speech on his birthday. It would be a speech of gratefulness and honor for the guests. You can pen down in a humorous way, glorifying your parents at the same time. Deliver it on the stage after arrival of the guests. Have a look at the examples for birthday invitation wordings.

It's the moment to celebrate the happy times,
Join us on Daddy David's 80th birthday.

Raise the glasses with cheers,
Honoring grandpa's 80th birthday

Life's brimming. He's turning the 80!
We honor your presence to make the ceremony a grand one.

Our special granny is turning 80!
Join the party tonight to celebrate the glory.

80! Isn't that a big age?
You are cordially invited to the grand party

To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful,
reverent that is to triumph over old age (Thomas B. Aldrich ). Mighty 80!

I will never be an old man.
To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am. (Bernard M. Baruch). Celebrating 80 years!

Getting old ain't for sissies (Bette Davis)
Being an octogenarian is to take pride on! Let's party!

Oh, to be seventy again. (Oliver Wendell Holmes)
Exclaims granny on her 80th birthday. Join us now! Let's have fun!

80th Birthday Invitation Template

Making birthday invitation templates is easy. You will have to be a little innovative with the ideas. Make the cards presentable with beautiful decorations. You can find out a wide range of designs online or get ready-made templates and theme based cards from paper houses. Pen down a precise content with colorful ink. You can enamor the invitation cards with decorative pieces and then enclose them in envelopes. This was the simplest way to make a birthday invitation pamphlet. We have provided a sample of it.

You Are Invited
Dear X,

We are going to throw a birthday party to celebrate the 80th birthday of our dad/mom. We cordially invite you/family to attend the occasion and be our most valued guest. The details of the venue is presented below. We hope to see you on this auspicious day.

Thanking you,
(Your Name)

This is how you go ahead with the birthday invitations. Make sure you post the cards at least a week before. Side by side you can dispatch e-mails, message or call them. Let the party remain a surprise to your parents. I'm sure being in the company of friends and family, your parents will jubilate in the old age.
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