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10 Awesome Owl-themed Birthday Party Ideas That'll Blow Your Mind

10 Awesome Owl-themed Birthday Party Ideas
Gone are the days when birthday celebrations were monotonous and predictable. The buzzword for today is 'creativity', flanked by 'elegance'! The latest fad for festivities and parties is to decide on certain themes and follow them to the 'T' – literally for every element of the party. An owl-themed birthday party, for instance, would essentially have owl-shaped cakes, owl-themed decor and invitations, and so on.
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Last Updated: Jul 31, 2017
Magical owl-themed party
Though owl themes are pretty common for Halloween parties, an owl is a vital character in fantasy novel series like Harry Potter as well, so creating an environment that exudes magic would be perfect. Illuminate the hall in such a way that it is bright enough, yet carries a mysterious and haunted look. Have cardboard owls on fake branches all over, owl-shaped lanterns, and similar other decorations.
Owl-themed Invitations
Join us for an owlish birthday party of Patrick Jones
Use owl-themed party décor, and have owls of different sizes on branches, with the words on banners. The card gives a vibrant yet subtle feel about the forthcoming party.
Owl-themed Favors
Owl-shaped earrings, lockets, and ornaments
You can gift owl-shaped lockets and earrings to your guests. Kids can have lockets too, buy lightweight jewelry for kids though. Gift owl-shaped ornaments to adults though, preferably the women.
Owl bags and soft toys
Cloth bags like the one depicted here or a DIY owl-themed bag is an ideal favor for a birthday party. And, what can be a better favor for a kid than a soft toy? Distribute colorful owl soft toys at the party. You can be sure they will be a hit with your guests!
Owl clocks, lamps, garden showpieces, and souvenirs
This option may be slightly expensive, but hey, if it's an important party, just splurge! Buy miniature ceramic owl statues, or larger ones for the garden. You can also buy owl clocks, owl lamps, and more!
Owl-shaped keyrings and crochet
You can create simple owl-themed crafts using crochet. They are simple and useful favors at birthday parties. For men, you can gift owl-themed key rings that also function as a miniature pouch!
Owl-themed Decoration
Owl party hats and balloons
Check out these party hats boasting of owls with various expressions! Fun, isn't it? And, how about having owl images on your balloons, instead of the regular ones?
Rich owl-themed decor
Have owl-shaped centerpieces to enhance your party table. You can use owl-embroidered tablecloths, place mats, and cushions as well. Use owl-shaped plates, glasses, stools, and more.
Owl-themed Food
Owl-themed cakes and cookies
Order a customized owl-shaped cake, get an owl engraved on the cake, or have a sugar candy owl on top of the cake. You can bake owl-shaped cupcakes at home, or get them customized as well. Serve baked cookies and biscuits in the shape of an owl, or use existing ingredients and your creativity to create owl-shaped confectioneries.
Owl-themed meals
Check out these delicious sandwiches arranged appropriately to look like an owl! Check out the variety of desserts and snacks and goodies that you can create in the shape of owls! These are just a few ideas, but you can brainstorm and have a variety of other treats as well!