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12 Fantabulous Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

12 Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Him
Are you trying to find a special gift for 'him' on 'his' golden birthday? This BirthdayFrenzy post will help you decide on some gifts that are apt for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Take your pick...
Neha B Deshpande
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
If your child's golden birthday falls on his/her 1st birthday, a good idea can be to make an investment in gold, and gift it when your kid turns major. It can serve as a smart move for his or her future financial requirements.
A golden birthday is that birthday on which your age coincides with the date of your birthday. For example, if your birthday falls on the 20th of December, your golden birthday is the year in when you turn 20. A golden birthday comes once in a lifetime, and you would want to make the most of it. So if your loved one is celebrating a birthday soon, you will be all excited and geared up to create a difference.

If you're wondering what to get for him, the following ideas will help you make a special impact on his golden birthday.
Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Him
Ages 01 to 10
For toddlers, gifting something on their golden birthday is a difficult affair, hence, it is best to stick to toys and clothes. For kids above three years of age, you can gift gold chocolate coins, or a special yellow mug (to inspire them to drink milk), or race car tracks. A bicycle is a must-have at this stage of life, hence, why not make the golden birthday special by gifting him this?
Other than that, considering the inclination of the child, you can gift him construction or board games, science experimental sets, etc. Or, you can make a personalized golden birthday gift basket filled with cookies and chocolates! And if you're planning to throw a party and inviting his school friends, you can use some fun party ideas to make the party shimmer!
Ages 11 to 20
While video games is the first love of almost every guy on this earth (regardless of age), you can gift him something according to his areas of interest. If he loves music, a drum set, a synthesizer, or a guitar can make the perfect gift. On the other hand, if he loves sports, obviously sports equipment will work perfect.
You can also try unusual gifts, such as a pair of binoculars for those who love to explore the sky. Other options for tech savvy guys is to gift them the latest gadgets such as smartphones, headphones, kindle, notebook, and the like.
Ages 21 and Above
mens gift
At the age when guys embark into their professional lives, you can consider gifting them golden plated watches, cufflinks, etc. And of course, beer glasses and some booze will be a perfect gift for any man. If you're looking for something to gift your partner, you can also cherish your golden moment by gifting him a golden frame with your picture. A luxurious gold plated pen will also serve as a classic gift.
Other than that, for those professionals who love golf, it will serve as a 'never-fail-to-impress' gift. If he is a fitness freak, gym equipment will be apt for him. While choosing a gift, it is essential to think about the utility of the gift. If he is perfect in investments, a smart gold investment may make him the happiest! Of course, make sure to check the gold rates and consult an expert if it is a right time to make a gold investment.

Of course, the aforesaid cannot be said to be an exhaustive list, and much depends on his likings. Moreover, what is important is to make the day special; then only the gift's purpose is served.
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