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Stunning And Unique Birthday Ideas for a Long-distance Boyfriend

Birthday Ideas for a Long-distance Boyfriend
Is the distance not letting you think of some great birthday ideas for a long-distance boyfriend? Worry not friends, here is an article that would solve all your problems. Listed below are some ideas that will help you make your boyfriend's birthday special and more fun.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Long-distance relationships are the hardest to maintain. The distance creates a lot of problems for both, and these are often the cause for even more problems. In a long-distance relationship, you have to understand that things are a bit different. You have to make his birthday special for him than you usually would if he was in the same town. The gift should be something that reminds him of you when you aren't there, a memory or a thing but a special one. Having said that, let's look at some birthday ideas for your boyfriend. Hope you like them!
Unique Birthday Ideas for a Long-distance Boyfriend
A Surprise Visit...
One of the best ideas is to give him a surprise by planning a visit to the place where he is. This would be an incredible idea, and he would be euphoric to have you there. You can plan secretly with his friends and arrange for a surprise party too. The best surprise would be if you're present in his home in the morning before he wakes up. You can also visit his office, a place where he would be least expecting to see you, and surprise him.
A Box Full of...
This is another gift idea that would really make him happy. Since he doesn't stay in the same city, you can't give him gifts every now and then, isn't it? So, this birthday pack an entire box with all kinds of gifts that you can think of. Let him not expect it at all. Another great idea would be to send him a single gift after every few hours. First, just the flowers. Then, just the birthday card. Then, just the gift. Then, a cake. You can also add a small letter in that box, a nice long letter.
A Scrapbook...
This is one of the commonly used ideas, but it works just as great. Make a scrapbook with your photographs of over the years. Decorate it further by writing some nice love messages and songs. If you're good at poetry, you can write some romantic poems too. You can also include a CD in it with videos of the two of you edited in a different way. You can make a mention of all the special times you have shared and some romantic quotes too.
A Midnight Celebration...
Amongst some romantic and cute birthday ideas for your boyfriend, is a midnight celebration. This can be done in two ways. First, you can visit him at midnight and take a cake along with you. Don't forget to carry two bottles of wine. Another option is to have a video conference and order for the cake to reach him at midnight along with some alcohol. You can both drink to him together then. Along with the cake, you can send the gift you want to. You can also pick up something similar for the both of you like watches or cell phones.
A Token of Love...
This is one of the unique ideas for a long-distance boyfriend, and he's going to go crazy after he knows what it is. Write your boyfriend a letter everyday, but don't post it. Don't forget a single day. Write it as though you were writing it to post it immediately. The day before his birthday, you can post these to him, completely bonded. If you want, you can start with this idea this very year. Truly, one of the best ideas, and it'll stay with him for a lifetime. This gift will show the efforts you can take for him.
Remember, gifting gizmos and other artifacts is very common and not something different. You need to gift him something special, as you already spend so much time without each other. And, after all, gifting is a once-in-a-while affair.
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