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Second Birthday Invitation Wordings That are Cute and Funny

Second Birthday Invitation Wordings
Writing out a birthday invitation for a 2 year old can be fun, creative and ridiculously simple. This article will share some such examples so you get the drift.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Kids birthday parties are always fun to organize. But at the same time, they are quite hectic and you don't really know if the kids are going to enjoy them or not. The advantage with a birthday of a child as young as two, is that they will like anything that is colorful, noisy or messy. So, according to that, you can decide on a theme for the party. Once you have the theme decided, you can start with the invitations. Given below are some wording ideas that will give you hints about the themes that you can use as well.
Magic Show Theme
Dear Friends,

You are all invited to attend and enjoy the magical adventure that awaits you, at our dear Maggie's second birthday, this Saturday (date).

Bring your family along, for a day filled with mind-boggling tricks, and witness the disappearing of the fluffy bunny rabbit.

Be there at (address) at 5 pm on the dot, or you'll miss out on some of the fun!

See you soon,
(Names of Parents)
Barbecue Theme
Hey All,

The bright and sunny season is here! What a perfect time to celebrate our Ann's 2nd birthday.

We'll have a sizzling barbecue, dishing out delicious snacks, the whole afternoon long. And when it's too hot, have sips of refreshing lemonade too! We want you to join us in the fun!

Yes, so come by to our place at (address) on (date) at noon. We'll have a lovely time!

(Names of Parents)
Fairy Tale Theme
Subjects of (name of neighborhood),

You are all herewith invited to attend the grand 2nd birthday celebrations of princess (name of birthday girl) at her royal residence, (address) on (date).

Punctuality is of the essence. The royal gates will be closed as the clock strikes 6 pm. You are required to be dressed in garb that befits a fairytale character. There will be song and dance, and a royal dinner thereafter.

Looking forward to your presence,
(Names of Parents)
Cake and Candy Theme
Hey Everyone,

I'd like to invite your kids to my son, Frank's birthday celebration. He turns 2 on 9/16/2010, and I'm throwing him a party.

Do send them at (address) on the 16th at 5 pm. We'll cut the cake, and then have some fun and games. Supper will be served too, with yummy candy treats for dessert.

Hoping to see them,
(Name of Parent)
Jungle Theme

I'm the king of the jungle, and my son turns 2 this Wednesday (date). I'm throwing him a fun birthday party. And I expect everyone to attend this party.

Wear your favorite animal costumes and we'll go hunting in the wild! Then, we'll all sit around the fire and eat to our hearts content, at sundown. Our pack leaves at 6 pm sharp, so don't be late, or you'll be left behind, for the hungry vultures.

Until then,
(Name of Parent)
Circus Theme
Come one, come all!

Visit the only show of its kind at the (name) residence this Saturday (date of party). A special circus troupe is all set to perform some breathtaking tricks and display some movie style daredevilry on the occasion of (child's name)'s birthday!

Don't miss it for the world! Be there at (time) at the address mentioned on the enclosed slip of paper.

See ya!
As far as an invite for a 2 year old's birthday is concerned, that was all I had to offer. I'd suggest you make your own birthday invitations according to the themes, rather than going in for the dull and boring ready-made ones, which just require to fill in details like name, date and time. That way, you can also plan out what party favors you would like to give the guests! It also adds a personal touch to the invites. So, have fun and wish your kid a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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