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Innovative Ideas to Make Custom Homemade Birthday Cards for a Dad

Homemade Birthday Cards for Dad
Planning to make customized homemade birthday cards for your father on your own, but are short of ideas? Read on to know how can you create a special birthday card for your dad!
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
"I know that I will never find my father in any other man who comes into my life, because it is a void in my life that can only be filled by him."
 ― Halle Berry
Dad and mom do a lot of things for us when it comes to our birthday, right? Homemade birthday cards for dad is an excellent way to tell your dad how much he means to you, how much you value his presence in your life, how much you value his teachings and his useful advises when you feel lost and confused. In short, making a birthday card for daddy at home, will give you a chance to show him that "your daddy is your HERO!" Below are some interesting tips to help you do the same.
Ideas for Making Birthday Cards for Dad at Home
Making a birthday card for daddy can be a simple yet fun activity. You can team up with your sibling or your mom to help you with the same. Even if you want to keep it a secret and surprise everyone, including your daddy, you can do it all by yourself as well! Just go through the different birthday card ideas below to select the best kind of card that you would want to surprise your dad with on his birthday.
Picture Cards
Picture Birthday Card For Dad
Photo cards are a good idea to make your daddy's day all the more special and show the warmth of the love that you have for your daddy! You can take some nice pictures of yourself or the entire family (keep in mind that these pictures should be your dad's favorite), and make a card out of them. If you solely want to focus on your dad, then take 2 - 3 of his best pictures and make a birthday card from them. There are many ways to do it. One of them is to take a strip of thin poster board and cut it depending on the number of pictures that you have decided to include in the card. Fold the strip in the accordion-style (the zig-zag way). Create the same number of folds as that of the number of pictures. You can also create some extra folds to write your sentiments about the picture.

For example, you can include words like, "The best daddy in the whole world" or "I love you so much because you taught me everything I know." If you want it to be rather simple, then you can do something sweet and cute as the image displayed on the side. You can take a chart paper and paste the pictures of some flowers on it, or you can draw it yourself. If you don't want to draw, you can also print out the pattern of your choice from the internet and paste a picture on it. In the corner you can write some cute lines to wish your dad a very happy birthday, and make this day all the more special for him.
Cards Made with Dried Flowers and Leaves
Dried Plants Birthday Cards for Dad
You can make simple homemade birthday cards for your daddy by using some beautiful dried flowers and leaves. This will be an awesome idea if your dad loves gardening or has a similar passion for plants. Making a card using dried flowers and leaves is extremely easy and simple. You can use any flower and leaves, but it would be a nice idea to choose your dad's favorite flowers. If you don't know what his favorite flowers are, ask your mom, she would know. Once you have got the flowers and leaves, you just have to use your creativity and place them beautifully on a chart paper folded in the shape of a card. Once that is done, write some beautiful birthday quotes for your dad saying how much you love him. You can also use some glitters and ribbons to make the card all the more attractive as shown in the sample.

This card is very simple to make. We have used laces (you can ask your mom to give you some) and ribbons to make the bow. Another caution that you need to take when it comes to sticking the flowers on to the card is to place them right. Because they are dried up, there are chances that they can break and scatter in the process. It is advisable to take help of an adult while doing this, so that you don't make any error. Use a lot of love and care, and I'm sure your dad will love the card! :-)
Number Cards
Number Birthday Cards for Dad
A number card is another amazing idea to present your dad with. They have no qualms about displaying how old they are. So, let's say your dad is turning 40. All you need to do is to cut numbers representing your dad's age from a poster board. If your freehand is good, then you can draw the numbers yourself on a chart paper. You can fill it with your favorite color and make some interesting and cute designs around it.

Take the picture on your left as an example. In this card, the kid has turned the number 0 of the '40' as a sun, and then the kid has written, "Shine forever Dad" in the bottom of the card. This type of card is very simple to make, isn't it? Another innovative way of using numbers in cards is to draw the numbers on a chart paper and then cut it out in their shape using scissors. So, if your dad is turning 40, then you need to cut the numbers 4 and 0. If you think you will mess up, then you can opt for a print out and then paste it on the card. You can make the size of the numbers just enough so that you can accessorize some pictures or sayings around it. Yes, you can decorate various small cut-outs of your family pictures, or your dad's pictures, and also write some cute messages for your daddy. Be careful with the placement of the numbers in the card so that you have enough space to do the decorating part. You can also use numbers to make pop-up cards, which is the next thing that we shall discuss!
Pop-Up Cards
Pop Up Birthday Cards for Dad
Remember the last time when you received a pop-up card? The teddy bears, the monkeys, and the funny looking things that just jump out of the card on to your face, leaving you all startled and surprised? Pop-up birthday cards are one of the most funny cards to present someone on their birthday. Imagine the startling smile on your dad's face when he opens the card and sees something as cute as this teddy bear saying I love you Daddy. In fact, a more creative version of this would be that instead of using the teddy bears, you paste in your picture, or your and your mom's caricature. Yes, I think using the caricature would be more funny and would make your dad laugh till his eyes start watering! Now you must be wondering how to get your caricature done? Well, there are various software available on the internet wherein you can upload a picture of yourself and convert it into a caricature. Once that is taken care of, you are good to go! How to make a pop up card is not that big a deal. You can take help from your older siblings and relatives, but make sure your dad doesn't find out!
Sandpaper Cards
Sandpaper Birthday Cards for Dad
Dads love to work with wood! Does your daddy do that too? If your daddy likes it too, then a sandpaper card will make his birthday all the more special. All you need to do is take some sandpaper and chart paper. You can find the chart paper at any stationery store, and as far as the sandpaper is concerned, you can always find some in the garage! Sandpapers also come in various shades and colors, so depending on what you want to use, you can get the color of your choice. Once you have all the things ready, here is what you need to do! Draw some interesting designs on the sandpaper using a color that stands out with the shade of the sandpaper. If you look at your left, we have used a blue sandpaper and used a yellow chart paper to make a star-shaped design on it. Once you have made the designs, cut them out carefully using a scissor. Paste it on the card paper and write some beautiful wordings to tell your dad how special he is to you. You can either write something original, or you can write down some good birthday quotes and sayings. I think that it is always better to write something original that comes from the heart, don't you think? You can write a birthday song, poem, or your own feelings on the card, and he will surely treasure your effort all his life!
"The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God, and I call him Dad!
Happy Birthday, Dad." ~ Anonymous
I hope the aforementioned ideas helped you come up with the idea regarding the kind of card you want to make for your dad on his special day. No matter what you do, the effort will always be cherished by your dad, and the time you took out to make a homemade birthday card for him will definitely make him realize how much you cherish him. All the best! :)
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