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Graciously Invite People: Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

Birthday Invitation Wording Samples
Birthday celebrations are special; so should be the birthday invitations. Compiled here are some pleasant birthday invitation wording samples which will help you to kick start your birthday preparations by creating beautiful party invitations on your own.
Abhijit Naik
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Everyone looks forward to celebrate their birthday. With so many things to arrange, planning starts weeks in advance. Birthday party invitations usually top the lengthy list of preparations, and that is not at all surprising - after all, everybody wants to make sure that none of their near and dear ones are left out of the guest list. The next step is to select invitation cards, wherein the design and wordings are given utmost importance. While many companies come up with tailored birthday invitation cards, the thought of using your own wordings on your invitation cards is no doubt quite fabulous in itself.

Samples of Invitation Wording for a Birthday
It's not difficult to make your own birthday invitations, you just need to unleash that creative person within you. If you still find it difficult to figure out the ideal words to put in your birthday invitation cards, you can always take help of your friends or family members with decent creativity quotient. Although, most of the invitation cards start with poems or verses, it is not a compulsion for you to follow the same format for your invitation cards. It's creativity that matters, and hence playing with words can surely help you make your cards interesting. Basically, the wordings for invitation cards should be lighthearted, ideally with a tinge of humor in it.

Cake and Ice Cream
are oh so sweet
We are having a party
that's sure to be a treat!

Balloons, clowns, and games are
on the list for fun,
hurry on over as the party has

Round and round and
round we go,
where will the fun stop,
nobody knows!

A hole in one is waiting
for you
and Giggles the Clown
will be there too!

Spring has sprung,
and bees are humming!
We are having a party,
and we hope you are coming!

Toot the horn!
Bang the drum!
It's a party,
and you should come!
Custom Wording Samples for Specific Themes

If the theme of your birthday party is magic
"The stage is set
we are ready to go
Don't miss the fun
At Robin's Magic Show!

If the theme of your birthday party is farm

"Join us for some farming fun
to celebrate Andy turning seven
There will be roosters, cattle and a pony too,
the only thing we need now is you!

If the person is completing a specific age

"Once in a lifetime do you turn 16
Never again will this age be seen
I am inviting you to help make mine
An event that will last forever in time.

Or something simple like
"Abracadabra Alla-kazoo
Ron wants to celebrate his 6th birthday with you.

Simple Invitation Wording Ideas
The basic format of the birthday party invitations should include a few things about the event, like the name of the person whose birthday is being celebrated, the date, time and location of the party, and the theme - if any.

Rosa is turning 21!
You are invited for a Birthday Bash
on Friday, January 28th
at Mark Bell's House, 1299 Campbell Street.
Cake at 8 PM
Games at 8:30 PM.

Party! Party! Party!
Come celebrate a night of fun and excitement as Peter turns 21!
Sunday, July 4, 2010.
The Outback Club
8764 Scenic View Highway.

Please join us to celebrate Logan's Birthday
Sunday, May 12, 2012
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Coronado Harbor Park
Picnic Area.

Join Us!
For Ron's 21st Birthday Celebration
Tuesday, April 23rd, 2012
5543 Pearl Street

Come and join us at a (Surprise) Birthday party for Jamie!
Let's eat, drink and be merry!
Celebrations will be held at 57 Down Street, Queensbridge on Thursday May 23 at 7:00 in the evening.
You can also add your own creative invitation ideas or some birthday quotes to the invitations to add to the overall appeal. For instance, a quote such as "Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you've got to start young" would be ideal for 50th birthday party invitation wording. Birthday celebrations are meant to make the individual feel special, and what better way to start the preparations, but to make special birthday invitations using these wordings.
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