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Magically Romantic Birthday Ideas to Pamper Him on That Special Day

Romantic Birthday Ideas for Him
If you want to have the best birthday celebration for your boyfriend's birthday, then here are some romantic birthday ideas for him. Just pick the ones you feel will do the trick for your boyfriend and have fun. Make sure that you plan it well to ensure that it very well in advance.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Planning a birthday celebration for your boyfriend is an exciting task. What to do and what not to, calls for a lot of contemplation. Whenever you plan a birthday for him, you need to take note of his likes and his personality. Who knows him better than you? Think well while you work on the plan, and finalize a type of celebration that he'll like the most. If he is a simple person, don't plan for a lavish birthday party, that might leave him uncomfortable. The celebration planned by you must reflect how well you know him.
Romantic Birthday Ideas for Men
Celebration at Home
Planning a celebration at home is a good idea for his birthday. You will have ample time for the preparations and the decorations will have a 'personal touch'. The dinner should consist of his favorite food. Starters, main course and drinks, all should include his favorites. He'll love to have his favorite food cooked by you. Put on a soft music piece, close all the windows, dim the lights and use candles to set a romantic mood. Create a beautiful ambiance and keep the preparations ready before he reaches your place. Welcome him with a kiss and whisper 'happy birthday' in his ear. He'll surely love the romantic dinner idea.
Romantic Outing
If your boyfriend loves excursions, then how about planning for a picnic. Decide on a romantic picnic spot, and if he had mentioned about any place that he wants to visit, then that should be the answer. You must plan a picnic very well, considering the weather, duration required for reaching the spot, sight-seeing, etc., and keep the plan under wraps. Wear his favorite outfit and pick him up from his place. Your boyfriend will surely love the surprise of a drive to his favorite destination. This is one of the best romantic birthday ideas for men who love outings.
Surprise Party
Pretend to have forgotten his birthday. If your boyfriend personally asks you for your presence on his birthday, just mention that you need to go out-of-town and will try to meet him in the evening. Behave as if you feel sad about this and apologize. Try and convince him that you are really not going to be present on his birthday. Now follow this up with a surprise party. Order a cake and write a small, sweet message over it. Ask his friends to help in keeping him away from his house for the evening before his birthday. Decorate his place nicely, arrange the cake and place a birthday card beside it with a romantic message. Also, make some more lovely cards and place them in different areas of his room. Fill each card with the reasons you love him. I am sure that you won't fall short of reasons. You can hang a big 'Happy Birthday and Love You' message on the wall, right in front of the door. Switch off the lights and leave for your home. Ask his buddies to reach exactly at midnight. Once the lights are switched on, he'll certainly be very surprised and happy. Call him up on his cell phone while he cuts the cake and sing him a birthday song. Though he would love your presence at this romantic moment, meet him the next morning with a romantic gift.
The above-mentioned romantic birthday ideas for him will definitely help you plan the special day. Don't forget to capture the sweet moments of this day in your camera. You can make a scrapbook of these snaps with romantic lines written below each of them and present it to him. Fill his day with romance and make it a memorable one.
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