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Birthday Party Games for 5 Year Olds: Plenty of Fun Assured!

Birthday Party Games for 5 Year Olds
It's your child's fifth birthday and you are looking for party games to make the party fun and enjoyable for the kids. This BirthdayFrenzy article will provide you some fun ideas that will make the event a memorable one not only for the birthday boy/girl, but also for the little guests.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
A five year old's birthday party cannot be complete without some fun activities. Though most parents focus a lot on the decorations and food for the party, the main attraction for the kids are the games. It will also be a good idea to have a theme. That makes the process of deciding the decorations, foods as well as other activities very easy.
5 year old birthday party ideas can be decided according to the gender of the child. For girls, you can decide a princess or cartoon characters theme. On the other hand, boys can have themes like pirates, super hero, etc. As kids at this age understand, and love competition, there are lots of options that can be included for the party. Though traditional games are good enough for birthday parties, making little variations to these can add to the fun.
Birthday Games for 5 Year Olds
The number of games should depend upon the duration of the party. Make the necessary arrangements for the party, days before the actual date. It is also important that you buy the gifts for the winners beforehand. You can also arrange games where all the children will be given a gift which can be doubled as a favor too.
Lemon and Spoon
This game should be ideally played outdoors, however, if you have a large space at home, this can be played indoors too. Make three to four children stand at the starting line holding spoons in their mouth. Place a medium-sized lemon on each of the spoons, and ask them to walk balancing the lemon on the spoon towards the end line. Whoever reaches first without dropping the lemon even once is the winner. This can be repeated until all the kids have finished participating in the game, and you can have a last game with all the winners in the end to decide the final winner.
Treasure Hunt
Treasure hunt is one of the best games for kids of all age groups. Divide the kids into two groups who have to find the treasure, that you have hidden with the help of clues. Give each group a clue that leads them to a place where you have left another clue. Whichever team finds the treasure first, wins. This game can make your house a mess, as you will have to include almost the whole of the house to play.
Passing the Balloon
Make all the children sit in a circle, and hand one of them a balloon or maybe a cushion. Ask them to pass the balloon when the music starts, and when the music stops, whoever has the balloon will be out of the game (after performing a dare), and the same thing continues till only one kid is left who is the winner.
Spin the Bottle
Spin the bottle, also known as truth or dare, is a fun game for a birthday party. Make them sit in a circle, and ask one of them to spin the bottle in the center. The kid towards whom the mouth of the bottle points has to stand up in the center, and do some kind of activity like sing a song, dance, recite a poem, tell a story or joke, etc.
Pin the Donkey
Though this is a very old game, it is still loved by kids of all ages. You can bring some variations to it, like asking the kids to pin a tail to the cat, or pin a hat on the birthday boy or girl's picture. Stick the picture of a cat on a wall, blindfold each kid, and take them towards the picture of the cat. Each child should be given only one choice, and whoever draws the tail closest to the place should be announced as the winner.
Passing the Message
The kids should be seated in a circle. One kid, preferably the birthday boy or girl should think of a message, and tell it in the ear of the person who is sitting next to him/her. The message should be sent in the same way to all the kids. When the message reaches the last person, he/she should tell the message aloud. Most of the time, it will be very different from the original message. Continue this game by starting from another kid.
These are just some fun games for five year old children, that you can surely include in your party agenda. Do not forget to ask your kid before planning the games because he/she may have lots of ideas in mind.
Pin the Tail on Donkey
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