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Really Innovative Birthday Party Ideas for 14 Year Olds

Birthday Party Ideas for 14 Year Olds
If you were a 14 year old, what would you want your birthday party to be like? Would you want a Hollywood theme party or a Superhero party? Hmmm, well there are lots of more ideas you can explore to celebrate or help celebrate a birthday party!
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
Wasn't it really easy when you could just order the cartoon cake and have a magician come over and entertain the kids? After all that is what you did for your tween's birthday, didn't you? So why is it that she scoffs when you say the words magician and cartoon cakes on the eve of her 14th birthday? And why does he think that a clown party is just too 'kiddish'? Well, for all you confused parents planning their 14 year old's birthday bash, it's time to realize that your daughter or son is now a teenager and although they may just be too 'cool' to admit it, every kid loves a great birthday party. Here are some ideas you can 'safely' use to bring in the 14th!
For the Drama Queen
A Spa Party: You can book a day in a spa for your 14-year-old and all her friends for a relaxing day. Treat them with a manicure, pedicure, massage, and more. Alternately if you want to host the party at home then you can try setting up spa stations in your house where the young ladies get to treat themselves with soothing facials, foot soaks and make up. You can decorate the room with white sheets, pillows, mirrors and loads of scented candles to set the mood. The party favors can consist of bags with items such as body glitter, bath salts, nail polishes and much more. This is a great idea for a sleepover slumber party as well.
Let's all say Aloha!: Inspired by the tropical paradise, a Hawaiian luau party theme makes for a great poolside party. You can select fun beach party invitations and send them attached to an inexpensive flip-flop or lei necklace. Based on whether you want a flip-flop theme or hula theme, there are a number of personalized party items available in the market. You can decorate the house with fishnets, tiki torches and a whole lot of tropical silk palm leaves. For the sandwiches and drinks you can have the very cool umbrella toothpicks and straws. Party activities can include making a colorful lei, decorating flip-flops and having some fun hula dance lessons.
Time to Go Tribal: Why not incorporate a helluva tribal theme for the 14-year-old. It would be fun and easy. Just make sure that you instruct the kids to coordinate their dressing sense with the theme. Arrange for a tattoo, rather a henna tattoo artist and have your 14-year-old, along with her friends have the time of her life. The henna tattoo artist could make the most funkiest designs that ooze tribal colors in every way.
For the Angry Young Man
Virtual Reality: If your boy is a gaming freak, then a video game competition party would be a great idea. You can buy new games for their consoles and pair them off in teams. For every team that wins, you can hand out some gifts to the teenagers. The food can consist of pizza and some drinks. Since the guys will be busy with their games, you can just sit back, relax and watch your 14-year-old have fun.
Disneyland at Home: A day at the theme park can be a fun way to celebrate his birthday. You can get group discounts to the parks. Spend the entire day having fun on roller coasters and all the fun amusement park rides.
Campfire Party: Bonfire parties are a great way of celebrating your birthday. With good music in the background, you can enjoy and relax as you roast marshmallows and hotdogs on the fire. Beach bonfire parties are a great idea but if you do not have access to that then you can host this in your backyard itself. Just make sure that there is plenty of space around. Couple this up with activities like spooky story telling and a game of truth and dare, and you have the recipe to the perfect bonfire party.
While planning the party, remember to take into account the likes and dislikes of your kid and his or her friends regarding food and games. You don't want someone to feel uncomfortable or neglected. It is a party after all!
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