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Coolest Birthday Party Ideas That are Perfect for 12 Year Olds

Birthday Party Ideas for 12 Year Olds
Looking out for birthday party ideas for 12 year olds? Well, here are some great party ideas and themes to thrill your little tween. They include ideas for both boys and girls, so you have an idea of how to go about it, either way.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
So, the period that lies in between, has finally arrived when your 11-year-old crosses the threshold of childhood to enter the period where he or she is just shy of the teenage years. No wonder planning for the birthday bash is taking so much toll on you. Although she may have long outgrown the Sesame Street birthday bash, a teen coed party may also not quite sound that good. Don't worry, planning your 12-year-old child's party may not really be that difficult.
Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
Slumber Parties: For 12-year-old girls, you can organize some fun slumber parties. These much-loved sleepover parties include party games, crafts, and adorable sleepover party supplies. For organizing a slumber party, you would need to fill the party room with pillows, blankets, bean bag chairs, and stuffed animals. Decorate the space with twinkling lights and scatter balloons all over. For the party invitations, you can create little pillows with foam inside. As the guests start to come in, hand them small flashlights and brightly decorated slipper socks. To make your party a fun event, you can organize party games such as pillow case obstacle race. The food for sleepover parties should be simple and should basically include a host of munchies. Veggies and dip, soda, chips, and juice are a good choice for the party food.
Spa Party: Treat your little guests to a lavish spa makeover with this great party theme. You can create the birthday party invitations on parchment paper or just tie special candles and soaps with ribbons and add a tag to announce the party. For the decorations, you would need lots of candles to create a soothing and tranquil lighting for the party. Set up small seating areas with tables where a display of cosmetics and other makeup instruments. At your spa birthday party, treat your little fashionistas with creamy dips for the vegetables, whipped yogurt, and chocolate fondue. As for the party activities, you can let the girls have fun with massages, facials, manicures, or pedicures for their friends.
Birthday Party Ideas for Boys
Camping Party: Most boys love the idea of roughing it out and going for fun activities like camping, trekking, and hiking. A birthday party with this theme can be loads of fun. For the decorations, you can set up a huge tent in your backyard. For the food, you can have hotdogs, hamburgers, and roasted marshmallows. The boys can tell each other campfire ghost stories and play the usual campfire games. For the party favors, you can tie up a mini flashlight, a glow stick, and a little ziptop bag of gorp in a bandanna. Believe me, whether held indoors or outdoors, this campfire party is a surefire hit with your son.
Sports Party: Hosting a birthday party with a sports theme for twelve-year-old boys can be real fun, especially if your 12-year-old is a sports fanatic. Decorate the party room with colors that match your child's favorite sport or sports team. You can use streamers and balloons to decorate the space. You can also add sports figure posters to the walls. For the party games, organize fun games like long jumps and balloon volleyball. The sports party favors include stickers of the favorite players, colorful candy, baseball gumballs, fruit snacks, baseball cards, wristbands, or power bars.
It is best to consult your kid while planning the big bash. After all, it is her or his special day and you want to do something that will please them. So include your 12-year-old in the planning and have loads of fun organizing the birthday bash that they will remember for life.
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