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Sweet 16 Invitation Wordings That are Awesome and Actually Useful

Sweet Sixteen Invitation Wording
Throwing your sweet sixteen party? Don't know where to start with the planning? Start with the theme and invitations. Mention the party theme and keep the wording of the invitation simple and informal.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
Did You Know?
On a 16th birthday, all the candles on the cake, are blown in order, each by a particular person. A 17th candle is sometimes added for good luck!
When a boy or girl turns sixteen, it calls for a grand celebration. Turning sixteen marks the coming of age.
A 16th birthday is celebrated with much enthusiasm and pomp in all religions and cultures around the world. Special focus is given to the day in North America and Canada. An event that was earlier celebrated only by girls, sees even boys taking part now. The day calls for a grand celebration, and thus demands tiring preparations. To help in these preparations, we have provided you with several sweet sixteen invitation wording samples below.
the sun is hot the water is cool join us as we party in our pool
Once upon a time
a little girl had a dream
to have a beautiful party
when she turned Sweet 16!

We're now making this
dream come true!
Throwing a surprise party
with a special few!

Maria's Sweet 16 Party

On ____
From ____ to ____
At ____
the night is young the lights are hung so many songs are waiting to be sung
Katie is 16 !
And we are all set
to throw her a party
she'll never forget!

Join us!

Let's together
have some fun,
shower her with
love by the ton.

On ____
From ____ to ____
At ____
A party full of fun,
is in sight,
To have a guest like you
would be a delight.

Please come join us for
Beth's magical night!

Beth's Sweet 16 Birthday!

On ____
From ____ to ____
At ____
sweet sixteen invitation wording
Once in a lifetime do
you turn sixteen,
never again will this
age be seen.

I'm inviting you,
to my Sweet 16.
Be there for all the fun,
dressed as if it's Halloween.

On ____
From ____ to ____
At ____
The Athlete's Club
will be the scene
to celebrate
John's Sweet 16.

Friday, June 30th
is the date
the party starts at 7,
so don't be late!

R.S.V.P to ____
before ____
(Paul, John's brother)
from princess to queen our princess kristen is sweet sixteen
I'm turning 16,
it's gonna be so much fun!
A party is happening,
and you'd better come.

Carl Society is the venue,
and I promise,
You won't be disappointed,
by the menu.

Date: ____
Venue: ____
Time: ____ to ____
Oh! What fun.
The countdown to
Alice's Sweet 16 Birthday Party
has begun.

Be there on,
the 16th of September,
to attend a party,
all will remember!

Venue: ____
Time: ____
R.S.V.P to ____
sixteenth birthday invitation wording
The parents of
Patricia Smith
cordially invite you
to attend her
Sixteenth Birthday Party
on Sunday,
9th December 2013
at eight o'clock in the evening

673 Garden Way
Evaville, Texas
Tania Smith
will be hosting the
Sixteenth Birthday Party
for Robert Brown
on Tuesday, the first of July
at seven o'clock.

We request your presence.

92 Rock Garden
Denver, CO
Teenage girls celebrating 16th birthday
Birthday Celebration
You are invited