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Birthday Wishes for Mom to Tell Her What She Means to You

Birthday Wishes for Mom
Birthday wishes for mom should convey your love, gratitude, respect, and appreciation for all that she has done for you over the years. Read on for some poems, verses, and sayings to wish your mother on her birthday and to tell her how you feel about her.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
Mommy's birthday
"God could not be everywhere, and therefore, he made mothers." ― A Jewish Proverb
When it comes to mothers, most of us take her for granted. It's only when we grow old or have children ourselves that we realize how much she has done for us and contributed to our "growing up". I feel that my mom's birthday is an opportunity to tell her how she is loved and appreciated by me. So if your mom's birthday is approaching and you want to convey the same to her, a good idea would be to write or read some heartfelt poems, verses, or quotes to her. Scroll down and have a look at these birthday sayings.
Birthday Message from a Son
"If I could give you diamonds
for each tear you cried for me.
If I could give you sapphires
for each truth you've helped me see.
If I could give you rubies
for the heartache that you've known.
If I could give you pearls
for the wisdom that you've shown.
Then you'll have a treasure, mother,
that would mount up to the skies
That would almost match
the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes.
But I have no pearls, no diamonds,
As I'm sure you're well aware
So I'll give you gifts more precious
My devotion, love, and care." ― Anonymous
"Mother, you're always with me.
You're the whisper of the leaves
as I walk down the street.
You're the smell of bleach in
my freshly laundered socks.
You're the cool hand on my brow
when I'm not well.
You live inside my laughter.
you're crystallized in my every tear drop.
You're the place I came from,
my first home.
You're the map I follow
with every step I take.
You're my first love and my first heartbreak.
and nothing on earth can separate us.
Not time, Not space.
Not even death.
Will ever separate you
from me.
I carry you inside me.
As you did, vice versa
Nice versa?" ― Anonymous
Birthday Wishes from a Daughter
"Mom, I loved you yesterday, I will love you tomorrow and everyday.
You were there for me on my first day of school, to hold my hand and give me courage to go.
You listened to me when I needed to talk, you talked to me when I needed to listen.
You let me grow and learn from my own mistakes.
You never left my side when I was feeling down, I knew you would be there to pick me up.
I wish there was a way I could repay all the things you have done for me, but there's nothing great enough to repay the greatest mother of all." ― Anonymous
"I find myself wondering,
Did I give you your due
For all that you've done for me?
Did I ever thank you
For all of my childhood memories,
For helping me deal with life's stresses,
For helping me accept my defeats
And celebrate my successes?
Or for teaching me the value of hard work,
Good judgment, courage, and being true?
The laughter, smiles, and quiet times we've shared,
Did I ever thank you?
If I have forgotten, I'm thanking you now.
You taught me right from wrong.
I hope you know how much you're loved and appreciated.
I hope that you, instinctively, knew all along." ― Anonymous
Heartfelt Wishes
"Happy birthday, my mother and friend,
Since I was a child, you would always defend.
Your love has always, been unconditional,
Even when, my moods were transitional.

I cannot forget, all the things you have done,
Through actions and words, my esteem you have won.
You taught me to live, with courage and passion,
With the less fortunate, I learned your compassion.

Today is your birthday, I hope you dance,
This celebration, I'm sure you'll enhance.
From the depths of my heart, I just want to say,
You are my mother, and my love I display." ― Martin Dejnicki
"Mother, you had so many things to do,
From washing and ironing to tying a shoe.
You scrubbed, mended, cooked, and sewed,
You kept us shod and you kept us clothed.

You were the doctor when we were ill,
Giving us a bandage, a hug, or a pill.
You were the teacher when we had schoolwork to do
You gave us love and patience, too.

Mother you had so many things to do
It's no wonder that I so love you.
In life you've really passed the Test
Coming out on top, the best of the best.

Thank you sooo much
and Happy Birthday" ― adapted by Jon Bratton
"It's your birthday, Mother.
So I will raise a cheer.
Without you, my loving mother,
I would not be here.
Yes, I owe it all to you, Mother.
From the time that I was small,
You encouraged me in everything,
And tried not to let me fall.
Throughout my life, your caring
Brightened each and every minute.
You loved me and enriched my life,
And I'm so glad to have you in it!" ― Anonymous
"You were there when we took our first steps,
And went unsteadily across the floor.
You pushed and prodded, encouraged and guided,
Until our steps took us out the door.
You worry now 'Are they ok?'
Is there more you could have done?
As we walk the paths of our unknown
You wonder 'Where have my children gone?'
Where we are is where you have led us,
With your special love you showed us a way,
To believe in ourselves and the decisions we make.
Taking on the challenge of life day-to-day.
And where we go you can be sure,
In spirit you shall never be alone.
For where you are is what matters most to us,
Because to us that will always be home." ― Anonymous
Funny Wishes
"Mother, you're the best in town
Nay the County, indeed, the Nation.
Here's wishing a Happy Birthday
To my Number 1 relation." ― Anonymous
"When it comes to Mothers,
There are lots of them about,
But you're the very very best.
Of that, there is no doubt
Happy Birthday Momsie." ― Anonymous
These poems and verses can be either written down in the birthday cards or they can be read aloud to her when the whole family gathers to wish her. In the end, I hope that these words for birthday wishes appropriately convey what you feel for your mother.