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Birthday Party Games Anyone Would Love to Play

Birthday Party Games
Games are crucial for birthday parties. This article lists some fun and easy games that you can arrange at your child's birthday party.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Games are the life of any party, especially kids' birthdays. You need to entertain your little guests, otherwise they will get bored. Games add fun and excitement to the party environment, and hence you need to host them at a party. Remember that every guest is a winner. So, you need to award a prize for every kid at your party.
Decide which games to have depending on the size of the venue. Make sure you are ready with all the preparations required. Here are some fun ones to arrange for.
The Pin Game
Pin the tail on the donkey has been an age-old game for kids' birthday parties. This game is fun and can be played with children between 4-6 years of age. The game is very simple, and all you need to do is prepare a large donkey-shaped cut-out from some cardboard. Prepare a separate cut out for the donkey's tail. Then blindfold the participant, and the participant has to try to pin the donkey's tail in the correct position. The one who places the tail in the closest position is the winner. You don't always have to use a donkey for this game, you can use other variations like pin the butterfly on the flower or pin the anchor tattoo on Popeye, etc. This is one indoor game that's fun and easy to play.
Lemon in the Spoon Race
Lemon spoon race is a simple game with very few requirements. You will require lemons and tablespoons. You can divide the guests into equal groups depending upon the total number of kids. Mark a start and finish line of the race, and provide each participant with a lemon and a spoon. Each participant has to complete the race by holding the spoon in their mouth with the lemon placed in it. The participant who drops the lemon during the race is out of the game. The one who finishes the race first without dropping the lemon is the winner. In the end, you can have a final race with the finalists of each batch. You can also have an egg race using hard-boiled eggs instead of a lemon.
Bucket Sponge Relay
This is one of the best outdoor games for birthdays, and can be played during the summer. It is fun to play, and also to watch. You will require buckets, glasses, and sponges. This game can be played by individual participants or teams as a relay race. The amount of supplies will depend on the number of participants or the number of teams.
Mark a starting and end point, and maintain a distance of 20 feet between them. Place the buckets filled with water at the starting point, and the empty glasses at the end point. Every participant or team should be provided with a sponge. The empty glass allotted to each participant or team is to be filled by dipping the sponge in the bucket and then running to the glass and squeezing the water into the glass. They have to continue doing this until the glass overflows with water. The participant or team who fills the glass first wins. If this game is played by a team, a relay pattern can be followed.
You can use these games to entertain your little guests or come up with some innovative ideas of your own.
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