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Fun and Easy Ideas for a Super-glittery Golden Birthday Party

Fun and Easy Ideas for a Golden Birthday Party
Thinking of throwing a golden birthday party? We can guide you with that. BirthdayFrenzy gives you some amazing ideas for planning a super-glittery birthday party.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Color Coordinated
Have a dress code for your party. Ask your guests to dress up in shades of gold to add to the fun. Kids can become gold fairies and angels.
Birthday is a special day, and we would love to cherish that special day with our loved ones. If you're planning a birthday party for your kid, or someone close to you, or simply thinking of throwing a party for yourself, be very careful. Even the minutest of details matter. And then, we have a theme here―a glittery golden one, making it all the more crucial to have everything in sync with the theme.

Right from the theme and invites to decorations and favors, we have a detailed guide that fits in things for both, kids and adults. These ideas are fun and easy, and can be implemented to throw a golden birthday bash. But it's important to consider your child's wishes if you're planning his birthday celebration. Discuss with the birthday boy/girl.
Let's get gold!
Golden birthday party invites
First of all, make a count of all the people you're inviting. Mention the date, time, and venue details along with the theme. Get creative with the design of the cards. They can be theme-oriented, like using gold papers, wrapped with gold ribbons, or having the text in gold ink. Dispatch the invitations early so that they can plan accordingly.
Event Décor
Golden birthday party event decor
You'll need lots of candlelight to glow the venue. Light the area with golden lanterns and lights for uplifting. Make the atmosphere warm and cozy. If you are hosting outdoors, decorate the garden area with golden lights and golden flower pots. Have gold-circled garlands.
Other Décor and Supplies
Golden birthday party welcome signs
Golden birthday party decorations
Decide where you will be hosting the party―indoors, or at some park. Ideally, it should be in some restaurant with golden lights and décor, or at home. Put welcome signs for your guests, considering the theme. Place golden balloons and lanterns. Infuse glittery stuff. If it is a kid's party, you can have golden balls and shimmery ribbons. Pick golden napkins or white satins with gold borders, gold-colored cutlery like mason jar cocktail glasses, and have enough paper cups and disposable plates. Keep sufficient straws, gold-painted table runners, and if possible, go for gold-plated utensils, but it may take you off the budget. Anyway, silver blends well in all parties.
The Birthday Cake
Golden birthday party cake ideas
Find a reputed bakery and place an order for the golden birthday cake. You can have vanilla or chocolate cream with gold icing. Of course, consider your (or your kid's, if it's his birthday) choice of flavors. Keep the budget in mind.
When it comes to beverages, keep enough options considering your guest list―different age groups, alcoholic/non-alcoholic. Just to add more fun to your party, we have included drinks that are yellow (golden) in color. Sample drinks are:
Alcoholic Drinks : Lemon Tequila, Vodka shots
Golden birthday party drinks
✦ Non-alcoholic Drinks
Golden birthday party beverages
Fresh fruit juices or smoothies would be the obvious choice. Fruits that are in hues of orange and yellow go with the golden theme. So you have orange, mango, and/or pineapple flavors.
Food is an important thing to be considered before throwing a party. It's like no matter how cool your party is, people might not remember it always, but if the food isn't good, people will always talk about it! Decide if you wanna have a vegetarian or non-vegetarian feast, keeping in mind the audience and your budget.

The menu should have some starters―soups and some crispy snacks, followed by the main course. We are giving a sample menu, again syncing it with the golden theme.
✦ Snacks and Main Course
1. Butternut/Pumpkin squash soup
2. Bruschetta
3. Roasted Cauliflower
4. Chicken meal―fried chicken or boneless chicken gravy.
5. Quinoa Salad
Golden birthday party snacks
Golden birthday party food
✦ Dessert
Yoo-hoo! It's savor time! Imagine a birthday party without cupcakes? Nah! So, we can have kids' all-time-favorite gold cupcakes and chocolate cookies. You can also have pancakes, chocolate sweets like Ferrero Rocher―the ones that have gold wrappers.
Golden Birthday Party Deserts
Games and Activities
Decide and have arrangements for a sport that your kid loves playing. You can have bouncy castles for kids to enjoy. Keep a fancy dress competition among the kids, or make them do a ramp walk becoming golden models. Adults can play musical chairs or musical medleys, thus enhancing the atmosphere. Blend in soft music while serving food.
Golden birthday party gifts
Gifts are a very personal category to suggest upon, depending on whom you're gifting, considering their age group and taste. Golden wrist watches, teddy, chocolates, whatever you decide to give, wrap them in gold.
Golden birthday party favors
Thank your guests for coming to the Golden Birthday Party! Give out a box of chocolates to toddlers, coffee mugs with a 'thank you' note, gift vouchers, or simply a thank you card to other guests. But keep it gold and glittery, as these little details add up to a successful party event.
Let this be a perfectly planned party! Have a blast!