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What Fun! Great Tips to Organize an Amazing Bowling Birthday Party

Tips to Organize an Amazing Bowling Birthday Party
The thing with bowling parties is that the entertainment factor and venue is already taken care of. So if you're thinking of hosting a bowling birthday party this year and need some ideas on how to arrange the same, this BirthdayFrenzy post will help you with exactly that.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Important Tip
Make sure that your invitation card gives clear instructions to the kids to wear socks to the party. This way, they will not have to use the socks from the arena.
Scouting for a completely unique and fun way to celebrate your kid's birthday this year? How about hosting a bowling birthday party? Bowling, as an activity, is an all-inclusive, fun affair that kids thoroughly enjoy, and when you spruce it up with some great decorations, food, and games, you have a real winner on your hands.

When it comes to hosting a bowling party, a bowling arena is booked for a time period―the arena offers a room that can be used for arranging the games, as a sit out for eating, and for any other activities that one will require the room for. You can decorate this room according to your party theme, and voila―a perfect party is in the making. So if you've decided on having a bowling party, the following sections of this BirthdayFrenzy article will let you in on the things that you need to look into and arrange for. Let's have a look.
The Essentials
Bowling Alley Invitation
Bowling Party Invitation
Ball Scared Pins Invitation
Strike Out Invitation
Pin And Ball Invitation
Lane Invitation
The invitations will center around the theme of the party, the most common choices being a bowling pin and a bowling ball; however, even with these two elements in the center, there are several variations that one can try. Make the invitations fun and engaging by including a lot of color and fun elements in it. The few samples provided above should give you a fair idea of how to draw up those invitations.
Decorations Party
Yes, you will be at the bowling alley, so it's as authentic as it can get, but there's so much more you can do. Certain simple decorations can convert your party from great to really awesome. For example, buy black-colored paper plates and then use 3 round white stickers on them to make them look like bowling balls. Same goes for when you use balloons―use black-colored balloons and draw on white-colored round dots with the help of a marker. Use the plates as wall hangings and have bunches of these balloons tied to the chairs or the counters, or you could even fill these with helium and let them settle onto the ceiling.

Another idea that is simple, easy, and not expensive is to use cutouts of bowling pins, tie them up into streamers, and hang these as wall décor.
Party Food
This is where you have the most fun―use elements of the bowling party to give your food a bowling arena twist. How are you going to manage that? Simple, use cupcake toppings in the shape of a bowling pin or a bowling ball. Or trace a bowling pin using icing onto the scrumptious cake.

To have some more fun with this theme, take a glass milk bottle and using a red tape, cover the groove with two red strips to make it look like a bowling pin (as seen in the image). And what of the bowling ball? Use some black cookies that have a white filling inside and carve out three circles so that the filling shows―this will make it look like a bowling ball ... tada!

For the final touch, use paper plates with 3 round stickers stuck on them to make them look like a bowling bowl and serve the food on these.
Games and Activities
Games and Activities
Other than the bowling that the kids will be indulging in at the arena, if there is a need for some more ideas, you can opt for these―either as individual games after the bowling or in combination with the same.
Chits of Fun
Draw up some instructions that are related to bowling, for example 'Do a silly walk while approaching the lane', OR 'Bowl in slow motion', OR 'Bowl backwards'. These instructions are then written on separate chits and put into a bowl. Every time it is someone's turn to bowl, he/she will pick a chit and follow the instructions. Makes for some great laughs, that's for sure.
The Guessing Game
Have a glass jar that has a cutout of bowling pins in it and keep it at the entrance. As the kids enter the party, let them guess the number of pins there are in the jar. The kid that manages to guess the right number, wins a prize at the end of the party.
Pinning it Together
This is a fairly simple game. Make the kids stand in a straight line and hand over one envelop each to them. These envelopes contain a piece of the picture (like this bowling pin here). At the blow of the whistle, the kids have to find the remaining pieces of the puzzle and stick it together with the help of glue onto a chart paper. The team that manages to piece their puzzle together, wins. Make sure that the pictures have been cut on the basis of the individuals present.
Party Favors and Gifts
Party Favors and Gifts
How can we not end the party on the same note that we started off with? So when it comes to party favors, they can be a great mix of the theme, and others just as.
Bowling T-shirts
As the kids enter the party, give them a party t-shirt that has a bowling party element on it (like these t-shirts here). They can change and wear these through the party and at the end of the party, they can take them home as party favors.
Party Trophy
So that everyone feels like a winner, have the name of each kid written on plastic trophies with the help of a golden glitter pen. And to make it even more fun for them, fill the cup with an assortment of candy and close it with clear plastic. Not only will they will feel like winners, they will also have a mighty big loot of candy to take home.
Candy Stall
And as a great gesture to make the kids' day, set up a candy stall with several jars of assorted candy and small paper bags on the sides so that they can fill them up and take them home.
So you see? It's not really all that difficult to carry through the theme of a bowling party to the very end. With these fun and simple ideas and elements, there's no stopping the party from turning into a grand success. Right? Right.