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12 Absolutely Magnificent Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

12 Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Her
A golden birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime birthday worth celebrating with a little pomp and show, and of course some amazing gifts.
Shruti Bhat
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Did You Know?
A Golden Birthday is also called a Champagne Birthday, Grand Birthday, Star Birthday, or Lucky Birthday.
Irrespective of age, birthdays are always a joyous and exciting occasion. Right from childhood there is always an excitement to celebrate that special day when you get to be the center of attention, receive loads of love and gifts, fuss over clothes, and plan for the evening where you get to party with friends and family. And the cherry on the cake, is literally devour a large chunk of your birthday cake!
What makes that special day sparkle even more, is a little thing called the golden birthday! For those of you who are not familiar with the term golden birthday, let me explain. A golden birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime event that occurs when you turn the same age as your birth date. For instance, if your birthday falls on the 25th, and you turn 25 that year, then that birthday is said to be your golden birthday.
Now that I've sparked your interest, here are some great golden birthday gift ideas for the leading lady in your life, then be it your daughter, friend, girlfriend, or wife.
Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Her
Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls Between the Ages of 1 - 12
golden birthday gift ideas for little girls
Girls of this age are always very excited about their birthdays. Make her eyes really sparkle by telling her that it is their golden birthday. As for gifts, you can present them plush toys, dolls and doll house, a cycle with pretty and sparkly tassels, etc. Set these birthdays gifts apart from other birthday gifts, by adding a little gold sparkle to the equation. For example, dolls that have jewelry on them, like a princes doll, princess outfit with a tiara, a tea set that has a gold rim, etc.
Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls
golden birthday gift ideas for teenage girls
Teenage can be a difficult time and it can be difficult to choose an appropriate gift for teenagers. To reduce your paranoia and a return trip to the store to get the gift exchanged, consider buying a gift which is in step with the present trends. For example, you can consider giving her a selfie stick, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, etc. You could also consider gifting jewelry. To make it even more special and to give it a personal touch, add a birthstone to the jewelry.
Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for Women
golden birthday gift ideas for women
If you are planning to gift your leading lady something for her special birthday, regular gifts need to be taken to next level. For instance, if you wish to gift her jewelry, think trinity gold jewelry. If that does not fit your budget, then consider gifting her with an iPad, smartphone, e-reader, etc. If your lady has it all, how about giving her a pair of soft and fuzzy boots, or a gold-colored compact mirror, or then simply bring out the bubbly with champagne or sparkling white wine.
Whatever, you might consider to gift your special someone, remember the most precious gift of all, would be spending some fun time together, turning them into golden memories. Those moments will truly make her golden birthday sparkle.
Two Girls With Birthday Gifts
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Baby Dress With Headband
Daughter Giving A Gift
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