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Good Birthday Songs

Good Birthday Songs

Searching for some birthday songs to play at your next party? You've reached the right page. Read this article and know some wonderful songs that you can play at any birthday party you throw.
Neha Joshi
"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything." ~ Plato

We always happen to know and remember a lot of birthday songs. However, just when someone asks us for some, they suddenly disappear from our thoughts. This has happened so many times with me that I now keep a list of these good songs ready any time I need them. Good songs have their categories. While some can be played only for girls, the rest can be played only for boys. While some are meant for children, some are meant just for parents. In all this confusion and chaos, keeping a list handy is the best option we've got, isn't it?

We often wonder why are there so many good and popular songs that it gets difficult just when you want one. But then music is something that is unending and our sole option is to choose what we like the best in it. If you are in search for some great birthday songs, here is the complete list of 40 such songs that are sure to suit one birthday or the other.

Birthday Songs for a Slideshow
  • Beautiful Boy ~ Celine Dion
  • 100 Years ~ Five For Fighting
  • Happy Birthday To You ~ Frank Sinatra
  • Just the Way You Are ~ Billy Joel
  • Thanks for the Memories ~ Frank Sinatra
  • Too Marvelous for Words ~ Frank Sinatra
  • These Are The Days ~ Natalie Merchant
  • Photograph ~ Nickelback
  • It Don't Have to Change ~ John Legend
  • Let's Hear It For The Boy ~ Deniece Williams
Birthday Songs for Moms
  • A Song For Mama ~ Boyz II Men
  • As Time Goes By ~ Ray Anthony
  • Because You Loved Me ~ Celine Dion
  • Forever Young ~ Rod Stewart
  • Glory of Love ~ Peter Cetera
  • God Bless The Child ~ Tony Bennett
  • I Will Remain Your Little Boy ~ Chris Taylor
  • Mama ~ BJ Thomas
  • Memories ~ Elvis Presley
  • Three Times a Lady ~ The Commodores
Birthday Songs for Kids
  • A Baby's Prayer ~ Kathy Troccoli
  • A Mother's Prayer ~ Celine Dion
  • Handprints On The Wall~ Kenny Rogers
  • If I Could ~ Celine Dion
  • Let Them Be Little ~ Billy Dean
  • The Greatest Gift ~ Steve & Annie Chapman
  • The One Who Lives Inside Your Heart ~ Lari White
  • O Little One ~ Angelo Petrucci
  • You Bring Me Joy ~ Carolyn Arends
  • Children are a Treasure from The Lord ~ Steve Green
Party Songs
  • Happy Birthday To You ~ AV
  • For He's a Jolly Good Fellow ~ AV
  • Birthday ~ The Beatles
  • The Happy Birthday Song ~ Arrogant Worms
  • Happy Birthday Sweet 16 ~ Neil Sedaka
  • 16 Candles ~ Crests
  • Get The Party Started ~ Pink Floyd
  • When Dreams Are Born ~ John Williams
  • Eighteen ~ Alice Cooper
  • Happy Birthday ~ Rock and Roll Instrumental
Now that you know all these songs, you are going to be well equipped the next time you want any just the last minute. These songs are a perfect way to convey those birthday wishes along with some music. This list is sure going to help you every time you have a party to attend, to give or to throw for someone even. A permanent help for every birthday! Remember that parties and birthdays without these songs are always incomplete. So choose one of these and rock the party!