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A Collection of Heartwarming Happy Birthday Wishes for a Cousin

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Cousin
A cousin is a package of a friend and a sibling, and truthfully, it is a package every person needs in his/her life. And we'll tell you what your cousin needs; he/she needs some great wishes on his/her birthday. Here, we provide you a great collection of happy birthday wishes for a cousin.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Cousins share a relationship that nobody else can share. They can be rivals, supporters, friends, siblings, mischief partners, ultimate rescuers, and what not! Perhaps, you think that this is the one relationship that even siblings share, but if you know what we mean, you would reconsider. Cousins are different from siblings; they are the ones who we turn to for matters that even our siblings don't know of, isn't it?
Birthdays are always special occasions, a date that we tend to forget easily, yet a day that we never forget for a long, long time. We yearn to remember this date, to make the special people of our lives feel all the more special―a cousin being one of them. If you share a strong bond with your cousin, the following wishes will reflect your feelings for him/her on this special day, just perfectly.
Happy Birthday Quotes for a Beloved Cousin
If you think of the relationship you share with your cousin, you will feel it differently during different phases of your life. Perhaps, childhood was the best time, especially when it came to summer holidays. Then, at times, there was a certain distance, both geographically and emotionally, but when you needed a true friend and your sibling was too close and a friend was too distant, your cousin played the part perfectly.

The following quotes are a mix of the multifarious feelings that this relationship holds ... of mischief, laughter, arguments, secrets, troubles, joys, and experiences that no one else can be a part of. You actually share a dual relationship with your cousin―of a friend and a sibling.
birthday wish for cousin
Yes we are relatives, yes we are a family, but for me, you're far more than that―you're my 'Cousin', which means you're a friend, a confidant, a mischief-partner, and a parent-protector. Thanks for being the way you are. Happy birthday, dear cousin.
There is something special about having a cousin,
it's like having someone like yourself in another family.
And of all the cousins that exist in this world,
I'm glad I got the best―you!
Happy birthday to the silliest, naughtiest, and craziest cousin ever.
birthday greeting for cousin
It is your birthday today, dear cousin!
Enjoy the feel, the spirit, the buzz.
May you get nothing but the best.
And may God add more to your vibrancy and zest.
Happy Birthday!
My dear cousin,
You've always been the one I've clung to since childhood.
And as birthdays come and go, and we somehow grow,
your need would never diminish and you'll be cherished all the more.
Happy Birthday!
funny birthday wish fro cousin
What can I hope for such a special cousin on her birthday? I wish for lots of happiness, success, health, wealth, peace, fun, smiles, and lots of love in your life. Many many happy returns of the day.
It scares me to think what I would have missed had I not grown up with a cousin like you. I still smile while thinking of the crazy stuff we did! Here's wishing more of those crazy adventures. Happy Birthday!
simple birthday woshes fro a cousin
You remember how our family could never understand why we couldn't stay still? Why was the beach, the backyard, the lake so exciting to us? You remember how we would wish if we could stay together so that the fun never ends? And I am glad, that although we have grown up now, you don't seem to be losing your fun factor at all. Happy birthday, dear Cuz! You're great the way you are.
We all love you our dear cousin and you know that. On this day, it's our wish that we may witness more birthday parties as you continue to grow older. Have a wonderful birthday and an even more wonderful life ahead.
cousin's birthday wishes
I really don't care how much time passes between visits, I just know that whenever we meet, it feels like we were never away. I love the fact that I have found a great friend and a wonderful person in you! Happy Birthday, my dear cousin!
My dear cousin, it's another birthday for you. You have grown wiser since the last one, and I am so happy for you.
Have a fun-filled birthday and many more to make all your dreams come true.
sweet birthday wishes for a cousin
I admire you for your innocence, and how innocently you get away with things, be it buying the same clothes as me, or copying my style. I am the youngest one at home, but with a cousin like you, I feel like your older sis. Nonetheless, you're an important part of my life, and I love you lots. Happy birthday, my dear.
Happy birthday to the best cousin we've got.
Lots of presents, cake, candles, and balloons we bought.
Got loads of wishes, prayers, well-wishes, and what not,
To make your special day absolutely top-notch!
birthday greeting
You know what 'COUSIN' stands for? C: Cool, O: Outstanding, U: Understanding, S: Supporter, I: In, N: Need. Well, it may be a little sad, but what I'm trying to say is that you've always been synonymous of these words in my life. Thank you for being there. Happy birthday, dear Cuz!
Friends are forever, cousins are for life! I guess that says it all. Happy birthday, my dear cousin!
Happy birthday, dear cousin!
Happy birthday to my best friend, my confidant, my guide. You've always been around me, to help me pass the tide. We share a bond so close that no one else can share. Whenever you need me my dear cousin, I'll always be there.
We have shared amazing moments together and I'm sure that will always continue. For you have made my life happier always, and your wise words have always helped me through.
Happy birthday, dear cousin. May happiness always follow you.
cute birthday wish for cousins
Being the only child of my parents, you've never made me feel alone.
You've been more than a cousin to me, with your caring thoughts and bossy tone.
Happy birthday to my dear cousin.
Each day is like a new page in the book of life, and when it comes to birthdays, it is like that special colorful page of your diary that reminds you that life is worth every up and down. Hope this page is filled with the best memories in your case. Happy birthday, cousin.
beautiful birthday greeting
If I were to narrow down the list of people I can't live without, you'll be honored to know that you're one of them. The problem is that you know me too much and too well to be avoided, and I have gotten used to the fact that you are the one out of many that I can confide in. Happy birthday, cousin. You rock!
The point of celebrating today isn't only the fact that it's your birthday, it is the day when I got a silly, annoying, clinging, and an adorable person I can't imagine my life without. Happy birthday, my darling cousin.
Your birthday comes with special music notes that are soft, melodious, yet peppy.
These notes come from your personality, just how you are, lovely, compassionate, and zappy.
Happy birthday, dear cousin. May you always stay happy.
Disclaimer: Some of the aforementioned quotes have been randomly taken from the Internet.
We are sure that the quotes given above would do justice in reflecting the bond that is shared between two cousins. They are distant yet near, close yet far. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that they have a perfectly balanced relationship. If you are lucky enough to have a great cousin in your life, make sure that you make his/her day special by expressing your feelings towards them. It needn't be composed of fancy words that rhyme; it should just come out straight from your heart, and it'll serve the purpose. Nonetheless, the collection of quotes above will definitely be of help.
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