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A Step-by-step Guide on How to Plan a Baseball Birthday Party

How to Plan a Baseball Birthday Party
Organizing a baseball-themed birthday party isn't a simple affair. With countless elements to take care of, BirthdayFrenzy gives you a step-by-step guide to follow and plan an amazing party for your child.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
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If some parents choose to accompany their kids at the party, you can place some snacks and beverages aside for them. Other than that, they can mingle with one another for entertainment as the kids will get priority at the party.
Planning and coordinating a kids' birthday party is tricky business. With themed parties becoming more and more popular each day, a birthday party isn't just balloons, cake, and presents; there is so much to think of. Right from sending out the invitations to gathering the party favors, the following guide will assist you in planning the party every step of the way.
Planning and Organizing the Party Effortlessly
First things first, do a quick headcount of all the kids that need an invitation. Plus, make a note of whether the parents will be accompanying them or not. Once you have a basic idea of how many kids will be there at the party, you can actually start with putting things into place.
Baseball theme party invitation
Baseball theme party ticket invitation
Baseball theme party invitation on jersey
Often times, parents wonder if they are obligated to invite the entire classroom (or all the kids from the neighborhood) to their child's party. Technically, you're not obligated to do so. You can choose to invite only a handful of kids, those your child is close with. However, if almost everyone from the class is getting an invitation, it will be rude not to include the other kids. And, depending on your budget and convenience, send the invitations via email, evite, or snail mail.
Venue D├ęcor and Supplies
Baseball theme party supplies
Baseball theme party outdoor decoration
Baseball theme party indoor decoration
Where are you hosting the party? Is it at the park with a baseball field, in your backyard, or at a restaurant? Regardless of the venue, you can purchase the decoration items accordingly. Place colorful and theme-related bunting, balloons, and lanterns all around the venue. Apart from that, there are certain theme-related supplies needed for the party as well. Pick colorful napkins, paper cups, disposable plates, straws, and utensils.
Dress Code
Baseball theme party dress code
Does your kid want everyone to dress like a baseball player? If yes, make sure you mention it in the invitations beforehand so that everyone can come prepared. It'll be a good way to complete the theme of the party. But before you do so, do make a note that the dress code is optional as not every child might own a baseball costume.
Birthday Cake
Baseball theme party cakes
A baseball-themed party requires a baseball cake, right? Well, that all depends on you. Of course, a special cake like this will definitely be a bit expensive. So do keep your budget in mind, and search for an experienced bakery and/or pastry chef before placing the order. And if such a cake is not possible in your budget, then a regular (but mouth-watering) cake will do just fine.
Games & Activities
Baseball theme party games
Apart from playing baseball (duh!), you can hire a bouncy castle and organize face painting for the party. It'll keep the kids engaged for hours while you set up the snacks and refreshments. Keep as many baseball birthday party games and activities as you can think of, to keep them all busy for a long time.
Food & Beverages
Baseball theme party drinks menu
Baseball theme party snacks
Baseball theme party ice cream stand
Baseball theme party dessert menu
After running around playing games and having tons of fun, the munchkins are going to be extremely hungry. To satisfy their taste buds, organize an array of items that they can select from. You can keep finger foods such as potato chips, nachos, salted or chocolate-covered pretzels, peanuts, and popcorn. For the 'main course', give them hot dogs and tacos along with milkshakes and smoothies to wash it all down with. And for dessert, ice cream sandwiches, baseball-shaped ice cream, cake pops, and lollipops sounds incredible. Also, as an option, you can hire a popcorn stand and an ice cream stand to be placed at the venue; it'll surely excite the kids.
Party Favors
Baseball theme party favors
Before the party ends, have your child hand out the favors to everyone. Give them personalized water bottles, baseball caps, or even baseballs with their names written on them. These gifts are the perfect end to an awesome and memorable party.

Even though we have provided specific baseball birthday party ideas, you are not obligated to follow them to the tee. Depending on your budget, and most of all, your child's wishes, plan and organize the party accordingly. These are simply tips and ideas, created only to guide you along the way.