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21st Birthday Present Ideas That Females Will Instantly Love

21st Birthday Present Ideas for Females
21st birthdays are a big deal for girls. It's not just the number, it's what the age represents. So yes, it needs to be made special. But how? Gifts. It is that simple!
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
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A 21st birthday is a special occasion for every girl as she is on the threshold of turning from a teenager to an adult. It is the moment where she is exposed to new freedom, opportunities, and responsibilities. As 21 is a time when a girl is said to mature into a woman, the gifts that she should receive for her birthday need to be thoughtful and complementary to her interests and desires. Let us find some ideal 21st birthday gift ideas for girls.
Most girls love to possess attractive jewelry, which makes it one of the best gift ideas for a girl. If you have a high gift budget, you can go for precious stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc. Presenting a birthstone would be an innovative option. Some other jewelry pieces that you can gift may include, earrings, bracelets, anklets, silver or gold chains, watches, etc. There are a variety of jewelry available in the market and you can choose one according to your taste and budget.
Clothes and Accessories
Girls are never tired of clothes, even if their wardrobe is overflowing. If you are thinking of clothes as a birthday present, you can select from a wide variety available in the market. Some of the clothes you can gift to a 21-year old female for her birthday are t-shirts, pants, cargo pants, evening gowns, dresses, shirts, etc. Along with clothes, you can also present accessories like different types of footwear, bags, hats, sunglasses, scarfs, etc. If you do not know about her tastes, buy gift vouchers of a popular shopping mall.
Exercise Equipment
If the birthday girl is a fitness freak, gift her some exercise equipment like a treadmill, elliptical, etc. If not, you can gift her a membership card for an expensive gymnasium where she always wanted to train.
Adventure Sports
If the birthday girl has an adventurous personality, you could take her out for an adventure sport like bungee jumping, scuba diving, skiing, etc. It will always remain one of the most memorable birthday gifts for her.
Surprise Party
Usually, 21st birthday parties are formal events held by the parents of the birthday girl. However, apart from this you can also throw a casual party for your best friend or niece at a beach resort or in your own backyard. Invite all her friends and she will have a great time, no doubt.
If the 21-year old loves reading books, this would be one of the best birthday gifts. Inquire about her favorite author or the book she always wanted to read.
Photo Collages
Birthday gifts need not be expensive. Rather than the cost of the gift, what matters is the emotion or feelings with which the present is given. For instance, if it is your daughter's 21st birthday, collect her photographs from the time she was born till the last trip you had as a family. Make a collage with these photographs and gift it by putting it in a beautiful frame. This will surely be one of her treasured possessions.
Other gift ideas for 21st birthday can include a car, laptop, MP3 player, iPod, etc. If you are looking for birthday present ideas for your best friend, instead of giving an individual gift, some of your friends could contribute and buy her a bigger gift. It's what she'll love that's important.
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