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Make the Big Day Memorable With Unusual Birthday Surprise Ideas

Unusual Birthday Surprise Ideas
Are you planning a surprise birthday bash for your best friend, dad or mom, spouse, partner or child? Would you like some unusual birthday surprise ideas that will leave the birthday boy/girl amazed? Then read the following article for some fun suggestions.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
There are many who showcase that they don't like surprises. However, I beg to differ. Almost everyone loves a surprise; especially when it's to celebrate their own birthday. Surprises have to be planned and executed properly so that the guest of honor doesn't find out till the end and everything can run smoothly.

So if you are searching for fun and unusual birthday surprise ideas, you've come to the right place. Take a look at the following suggestions for kids and adults below.
Unusual Birthday Surprises for Kids
Kids these days get bored with cliché ideas very quickly when it comes to celebrating their birthdays. They always want to do something upbeat, fun, and entertaining for themselves and their friends. So why not make them and yourself happy with these excellent, yet surprising ideas to celebrate their birthdays...
Young cute boy giving water to dog
Most kids love animals. So this year, for your son's or daughter's birthday, take all the kids invited for the party to a pet shelter. Here, they get to take care of the animals, feed them, and play with them all day long. Not only do kids understand how difficult it is for these homeless pets to survive, but they also get to spend the day giving these animals all the love they deserve. Plus who knows, one or more kids may even want to adopt some of those animals and take them home. It really is a win-win situation.
Painted children
Who doesn't love painting?! No matter what age, everybody loves to paint one way or the other. So why not make that the theme of the party? Surprise your child with an awesome painting party where all his friends are gathered in the backyard with all the accessories required for painting. Make sure that everyone is dressed in clothes they wouldn't mind getting dirty. Let them paint with brushes or with their hands on canvases or each other. It's totally fun!
Silhouette of pre-teen boys digging sand on beach
Scavenger hunts are amazing; especially when it's with your friends, that too on the beach. Plan the hunt by preparing the map for all the players, get random items to be hidden at various locations (dug inside the sand), and have a big prize(s) at the finish line for the winner(s). One way to make this idea even more fun is by asking the kids to dress up as pirates to make the game look authentic.
Little Girl and two Dolphins in Swimming Pool.
Many zoos, theme parks, and aquatic parks have facilities where they let you swim with the dolphins. If your kid is really eager to try something new, choose swimming with the dolphins. As for the safety measures, it's perfectly safe as the trainers are always close by to help out and show the kids what to do. You can invite the entire family and/or friends for a day of fun with these adorable mammals.
Unusual Birthday Surprises for Adults
Whoever said that adults should have quiet birthdays is wrong. Adults can be as fun-loving and enthusiastic about their birthdays as kids. Plus, if the birthday is wrapped as a magnificent surprise, it does the trick. Here are some fun ideas where adults can have the time of their lives.
Can can dance for a burlesque performer
A wonderful idea for girlfriends or couples to enjoy a special someone's birthday. A burlesque show is definitely for adults. Now it all depends whether or not there are any clubs or theaters in/near your area where burlesque shows are featured. So you really need to do your research before planning the evening and surprising the birthday boy/girl.
Emerald lake
For people who love hiking, camping, and all other outdoor activities, a day at the park is perfect. Plan the day by driving/traveling to a national park close to where you reside, pack a picnic basket and camping gear, and spend the day doing all the things the birthday boy/girl likes. Apart from the usual stuff that can be done at the park, go for a serene canoe ride in the lake. You can really get back to nature and enjoy a pleasant afternoon/evening together.
Maroccan restaurant
Birthday dinners are quite common. But what makes it unusual is the restaurant you choose. If ethnic food is negotiable, why not reserve a table for two at a Moroccan restaurant. Now why are we insisting on a Moroccan restaurant and not any other ethnic place? A few of these restaurants have belly dancers. Now that, my friends, is unusual to me. It will really come as a surprise for the person you've planned the evening with.
Group of gymnasts tumbling in sunset
Okay, okay... a day at the beach doesn't really sound all that different. However, what you do there sure can make it special. Invite friends/family at the beach, have them bring disposable or digital cameras. Now this is where the fun begins. As soon as the birthday boy/girl arrives and the big surprise is over with, spend the day doing all the things you all love. What makes it interesting is that while everyone has a camera, they can take pictures for the entire day. This way, one person isn't stuck taking pictures and missing out on the fun. Plus, the birthday boy/girl will have a lifetime of memories from various angles.
In order to make these surprise birthday ideas work, it is essential to plan the event carefully and keep the surprise element intact. You have to send the invitations to the guests where you have to mention very clearly that the party is a surprise, and information should be withheld from the birthday boy/girl in order to make the day memorable for all.
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