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Interesting and Unique Ideas to Plan a Grand 75th Birthday Party

Interesting and Unique Ideas to Plan a 75th Birthday Party
Your grandpa's 75th birthday coming by soon and you have no idea what you're going to be doing for the party? Fret not. BirthdayFrenzy lets you in on some great ideas.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Here's an Idea...
Have an arch made of balloons that has a huge '75' sign in the center. Use this as a backdrop to click snaps of the birthday boy/girl with all the guests.
75 years. Let's just take that in for a minute. A 75th birthday is a major milestone to be crossing in one's life, a big, big deal, and you wanting to turn it into a grand party for grandpa or grandma is, of course, the right way to go about it. After all, an event like this one needs to not only be celebrated, but celebrated in a magnificent manner. And while you're sure you want to have a party, you're just not sure about the things that you'll need to arrange for the same―what exactly goes into planning a 75th birthday party, what are the things that will have to be thought about and so on and so forth. Which is what we're here for. In this BirthdayFrenzy article, we will provide you with several ideas that you can draw inspiration from and not only make the party a fantastic one, but also make the birthday boy/girl really, really happy.
75th Birthday Party Ideas
There are probably a thousand elegant ideas swirling in your mind about the kind of theme to take up, or how to do the decorations, or what games to play ... if there's too much confusion in the way, simply refer to the following sections, these will give you a detailed account of how to go about doing exactly that.
The invitations should be classy and steer far, far away from the 'down the hill' theme. That is very distasteful. The idea is to make the birthday girl/boy feel special, so make sure that you draw up the invitations to ensure exactly that. A simple way to draw up invitations is according to the theme of the party―for example, if it's a garden party or a barbecue party, that will be reflected in your card. Another unique idea to draw up these invitations is to use the 'Years gone by' theme, where you use a childhood picture and a recent picture of the birthday boy/girl; this one is always a hit.

Make sure that you send out the invites at least 3 weeks in advance. Here are a few samples that will help you in designing your card.
Birthday party invitation
Birthday invitation
Party invitation card
Birthday cake
Themes collage
As far as the themes are concerned, be absolutely sure to plan it around something that the birthday girl/boy enjoys. Don't use a theme that they will not be able to participate in. Some of the frequently used themes are 'Game Night', 'Classy, Elegant Dinner Party', and 'Garden/Barbecue Party'. You can also have a great mix of these themes, like, a garden party that has a game slot or a dinner party that is held on the sprawling lawns. Another addition that can be done to these themes is that of arranging for a live band to take care of the entertainment for the evening. Choose an old-school band that plays jazz or old ballads―this will be a perfectly nostalgic way to celebrate the birthday.
Decorations collage
There are a number of ways in which the decorations for the party can be done. Many people prefer to have a general mix of posters, banners, and balloons with the element of '75' used in them or made up in a combination of the birthday boy/girl's favorite colors. Many times, the theme of the party dictates the decorations that are used―so a formal dinner party will have lace table cloths and flower arrangements, while a garden party will have paper lanterns hanging from trees (for example). Another great idea that can be looked into is using a collection of all their childhood snaps, as well as snaps of important events in their life and arranging them in the shape of '75' (as shown in the collage); or how about making a note of the general trivia from the year that they were born and putting it up on a board (as shown in the image above)?
Food collage
The food will usually follow the theme that you've set for the party. So it could include a wide range of foods ranging from sandwiches and iced teas for a garden party theme, to a four-course meal for a formal dinner party theme. A great way to bring in the element of '75' into the food is to use it to decorate the food―in the direction of which, all these things can be looked into―a cake with a candle that says '75', or a cake baked in the shape of '75', decoration pieces saying '75' that can be used in the cake, as well as cupcakes or sandwiches arranged in the shape of '75'.
Games collage party
Including games in your party will always ensure a whole lot of fun. If you're hosting a game night, then that section will be taken care of by default. Game night can center around games like charades, scrabble, bingo and the like. Another very interesting game that you can include in your celebration is the 'Trivia game'. This is where you draw up trivia about the birthday boy/girl's life and then ask questions to the guests at the party. Either you divide the guests into teams or you have an impromptu session. This game is a big hit at parties because it leads to a lot of laughs and excitement, and has the birthday boy/girl grinning from ear to ear in utter joy, plus it puts them in the center of all the action.
Gifts collage
As far as the gifts are concerned, you can opt for cash, of course, but many people prefer to give gifts of sentimental value or those that appeal to the humorous side of the birthday boy/girl. A favorite among sentimental gifts is one where you make a video with friends and family wishing you on your birthday and reminiscing about your life, or a photo album with a collection of photographs showcasing your life and the important events thereof. Humorous gifts appeal to those people who are young in spirit and have a great sense of humor. So while a T-shirt, a coffee mug, or a beer mug might not seem a very expensive gift, the sentimental value that it holds cannot be compared. Draw ideas from the collage provided above and take your pick from the ideas provided.
With so many ideas in your kitty, it won't be tough anymore to arrange for and organize a great party for that special someone. We will leave you to it then ... make it a great one.
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