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Supremely Cool 17th Birthday Ideas to Rock Your Party

Cool 17th Birthday Ideas
Though squashed between "sweet 16" and "nearly an 18" birthdays, your 17th birthday deserves a celebration! However, throwing a cool birthday party may seem intimidating. Worry not, as BirthdayFrenzy helps you plan your party, with some really cool birthday ideas.
Rucha Phatak
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Old Enough!
In the United States, teens can experience certain liberties once they reach 17 years of age. For example, the teenager can play M-rated video games. A birthday can be celebrated by spending the day in a game arcade!
We can understand the anxiety that you must be feeling as you plan your 17th birthday. Planning a cool, fun, awesome, super, and of course, perfect birthday party is a real head-scratcher! If you are in a soup, we'll help ease the situation. The article gives you some awesome party ideas that will make your birthday memorable and fun!

But before that, here are a few simple steps to ensure that you will have the best birthday party ever:
❶ Choose a Theme
❷ Make a List (of EVERYTHING that you will need to do for the awesome party.)
❸ Invite your Guests
❹ Last but not the Least, Have a Blast!
Everything "17" Party
birthday cake
What will be a better theme for your birthday party than your age?! You can host the 17-theme birthday party, which will be very interesting. Decorate your house with the number 17 everywhere. Have a cake in the shape of number 17, or add 17 candles on the cake. You can expect 17 gifts as well (oh, this is nice!) Offer 17 types of food items to your guests and quench their thirst with colorful punches. The celebration can continue with watching movies like "17 Again", etc., which will also go with the theme.
Revisit Your Childhood
happy family
The 17th birthday party is considered as the last birthday before a teenager enters his/her adulthood. A trip down the memory lane might be a good idea to celebrate your last birthday as a young teen. Run a slideshow of your favorite childhood photos with your family and friends. Spend the day doing your favorite childhood activities and visiting places that you loved the most. Guests can narrate their fond memories of you. The old memories and the good words from your loved ones will surely make your day special!
campfire roasting
Go back to visit nature in your own yard! Have a beautiful bonfire with your friends in your backyard. Songs, bonfire games like Truth or Dare and Twenty Questions, and storytelling can serve up for some good entertainment, which can accompany barbecued food items such as hot dogs and burgers. Roasting a marshmallow is the bonfire tradition that you can follow. To add to the fun element of the party, you can camp outside for the night. Sleeping in the tent will be a great experience for you and your adventure-seeking guests.
Pool Party
teenagers in pool
If your birthday comes in summer, spending the day near a pool will be the best solution to ward off that summer heat. If you don't have a pool at your house, you can easily rent a local pool and celebrate your birthday. You and your friends can enjoy a dip in the water anytime you want. You can also arrange for fun pool games like pool volleyball to keep the guests entertained. Serve your guests ice cream sundaes, watermelon slices, punches, and virgin margaritas in umbrella-decked drinking glasses to keep them cool. After playing and swimming, your guests can devour food platters, salads, tacos, etc.
Road Trip
friends on trip
How about celebrating your impending adulthood with a liberating experience like a road trip? By 17, most of the teenagers get their driving license. You and your friends can take a mini road trip to a destination not far away from your house. You can visit an amusement park before returning from your road trip to make it more fun. Pack your picnic basket, prepare a playlist of your favorite songs, and off you go!
Murder Mystery Party
red velvet cake
Spend your day being Sherlock Holmes! You can transfer your house in a makeshift crime scene. Plant clues around the house or ask your parents to plant them for you. Dress up as a detective and ask your friends to do so as well. It would be like a scavenger hunt with one clue leading to another. Gift the first detective who will find the killer. Of course, the investigation will make your guests hungry. Which other birthday cake will be better than a knife-plunging and blood-oozing red velvet cake?! Serve your friends food that will match the theme like red punch, cookies shaped like weapons, etc.
À La Hollywood Style
celebrity couple
Celebrate your 17th birthday with a panache. Have a Hollywood theme party. Start off your 17th birthday celebration by taking a limo ride and making a red-carpet entry to the place of the party. This will give you a true Hollywood celebrity feeling. You can ask your friends or relatives to pose as the press and paparazzi. Offer non-alcoholic drinks and adorn the table with various chips, dips, sandwiches, popcorn, and desserts. Invite a DJ to make the night musical. You can even host an award function to give the awards to the best-dressed person, the most funny outfit, etc. It will be fun living a day like a celebrity!
Spa Day
women at spa
Don't want a fuss, but need a relaxed day with your besties? Spend your 17th birthday in a spa to relax and rejuvenate. Book a spa for you and your girlfriends. Spend the entire day pampering yourself with different treatments that the spa offers. You can rest assured that the day won't get wasted, but instead add to your beauty!
Slumber Party
doing hair fingernails
There is nothing more fun than a girls' night out! Gossip, makeover, food, and much more awaits a young 17-year-old and her friends on a slumber party night. In the comfort of your house, you can still celebrate your birthday as you like. Invite your most dear girls. Stack up your room with rom-com movies, magazines, makeup, accessories, popcorn, sleeping bags, etc. Spend the night chatting, watching your favorite movies, and gossiping! Give each other a makeover. You can entertain your friends with slumber party games like Truth or Dare, Scavenger Hunt, Karaoke, etc. Nothing will refresh you other than spending quality time with your friends!
Game Night
playing video game
For boys who are sports buffs, planning a game night will be the way to celebrate your 17th birthday. Book tickets for a game in advance. Cheer your favorite team and enjoy food options like hot dogs, popcorn, and chips that the stadium vendors offer. You can have your game night staying at home as well. Stack up cool video games as you invite your friends over. Spend quality time with your friends trying to beat each other in the game. You can serve the same menu as a stadium vendor does to complement your game night.
Bowling Party
friends in bowling alley
Renting a bowling alley is another idea for a 17-year-old guy. Invite your friends, make two teams, and compete with each other for the winner's position. Burgers, French fries, chicken wings, nachos, and chips with a dip will satisfy your hungry buddies.
"To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid!" How true the quote is, isn't it? We all want to mature with some sense. So, choose a way to spend your birthday, and go nuts! However, the most important thing is to celebrate your day with your loved ones to make the most cherished memories.
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