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Little-known Mexican Birthday Traditions That'll Leave You Amazed

Mexican Birthday Traditions
Mexican birthday fiestas brim with happiness and merriment as lot of people gather for enjoyment. Themes are complied and dresses are adorned, keeping tradition as the main element. We have provided you the most popular birthday traditions that are popular throughout Mexico.
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Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Wake my dear, wake up,
See it has already dawned
Already the birds are singing
And the moon has hidden itself.
How beautiful is this morning
As I come to greet you
We all come with affection
And pleasure to congratulate you.
The day you were born
All the flowers were born
And in the baptismal fountain
The nightingales did sing.
It is dawning
The light of day is shining on us
Get up in the morning
See that it has already dawned

Mexican birthday celebrations without this song is probably incomplete. This song is sung for the person on this birthday and the lyrics, like a blessing get showered on him. It's a gathering of loved ones, where people make merry amidst celebrations galore. Although young girls and boys have transformed the celebration to a more contemporary form, yet the flavor of age-old tradition has still been retained. The birthday remains the center of attention, while the venue is decorated with fancy candles, colorful balls, feathered hats, goodies, piñatas, etc. We shall explain you the ambiance of the celebration, the variety of themes used and the Mexican birthday traditions practiced in birthdays.
Favors for a Mexican Birthday Fiesta
Food and drinks are abundantly served in Mexican fiestas (parties) and birthday cakes are baked with authentic flavors, the most popular is the Mexican themed Sombrero birthday cake. People dress up in colorful and fancy attires, often in ethnic outfits and celebrate the birthday, singing, dancing and greeting each other. Mexican music, like Ranchera and Mariachi fill the ambiance with melody and joy. Mexican rice pudding (Arroz Con Leche ), tortillas, caramel flan, churros, sopapillas, salsa, taquitos, tequilas and margaritas are served on dining tables. Thus, you can well assume how grandly Mexicans celebrate their birthdays.
Chanting "La Mordida"
"Mordida" actually means bribe. This colloquial term is widely used in birthday celebrations with the connotation, 'taking a bite'. This is the funniest part of the celebration where, the concerned individual is asked to bite the birthday cake with his mouth, while his hands remain tied on his back. People exclaim, Mordida Mordida in joy while the person takes the first bite from the cake. His face sinks in the cake (it's fun to see the person taking a dip in a Aztec pyramid cake topped with dollops of creams) and the cream spattering on his face. His friends further play and mess with the cake and make great fun out of it. This is something that is enjoyed by every Mexican on their birthdays.
Hanging Piñatas on Ceiling
Piñatas are handmade clay pots that are given various shapes and are colored in bright hues to symbolize happiness and joy. They are usually hung on ceiling and poles and are filled with goodies, cakes, cookies and candies, especially for birthday celebrations. They are deliberately cracked and the eatables fall on the birthday boy/girl. The Piñata can also be crafted from paper mache in shapes of animals, birds, toys, etc. It signifies that God has gifted everything in abundance. Breaking Piñatas was a tradition followed by the Mayans and Aztecs and is still celebrated posthumously by the Mexicans. This song is usually sung while breaking Piñatas:
Hit it, hit it, hit it (or Go, go, go)
Don't lose your aim
Because if you lose it (your aim)
You will lose the path.
Hit it, hit it, hit it (or Go, go, go)
Hit it, He didn't hit it
Take away his token
Because it's now my turn!
I'm next!
La Quinceañera: 15th Birthday of a Girl
Also known as Fiesta Quinceañera, marks the fifteenth birthday of a girl, that is celebrated with utmost pomp and joy. The birthday girl is decked up in fancy clothes, jewelry and makeup. It's a grand celebration that follows a Thanksgiving mass (Misa de acción de gracia). She is accompanied by her parents and is made to sit down at the altar. She is also attended by maid of honor, friends and family members. They all commemorate her womanhood, while she pays homage to Virgin Mary with flowers and bouquets. This is a marked event in the life of a Mexican girl when she reaches fifteen.
The day is celebrated with so much fun that it's cherished by all even years after years. The birthday is awaited avidly, as everyone present shower blessings and wishes of love, hope, happiness and prosperity on the person whose birthday is going to be celebrated.
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