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50th Birthday Party Favors for Men That are Pure Gold

50th Birthday Party Favors for Men
Birthdays, irrespective of how old you turn that day, definitely call for a celebration, more so if it's your 50th birthday. Come on, it happens to be a landmark in your life, make it large and unforgettable. Here are a few 50th birthday party favors for men to make the occasion unforgettable.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Feb 9, 2018
Age no bar! This statement holds true when it comes to celebrating birthdays, regardless of how old you turn that day. And if it's your 50th birthday, then it calls for a grand celebration, because your birthday is all about reliving those old memories and entering a new phase of life. We call it the 'relaxed phase'. You have spent 50 years fulfilling responsibilities, sometimes forgone things just to make sure your loved ones are happy and what not, but now it is time you live for yourself. Enjoy retirement, get the salt n' pepper look and pursue your hobbies, which you probably couldn't all these years due to work and other responsibilities.
Turning 50 marks a milestone in your life, so doesn't it call for a huge celebration? If you are planning a party or you suspect your family members are organizing one for you, then you have to take the initiative to make this an unforgettable occasion for your guests as well. For this you will have to arrange for party favors that would keep you incised in your guests hearts forever.
50th Birthday Party Favor Ideas For Men
Customized Reading Glass Cases
Reading glasses
Assuming that the guest list would mainly consist of friends belonging to the same age group, how about getting reading glass cases, which have a personalized touch to them? As you turn 50 reading glasses are definitely going to be your companions, so you can have customized case labels made, which has the name of the birthday boy and a birthday message. Now, if the guests have a sense of humor, this party favor is definitely going to add to the fun element in your party.
Wine Bottles
Wine bottles
Giving away wine bottles as birthday party favors are very sophisticated and classy indeed. Turning fifty is all about sitting by the bar or in your couch with a wine glass and enjoying the evening, isn't it? If you too think this way, wine bottles with personalized labels make a good birthday favor idea.
Customized Cigar Cases
Cigar Case
While selecting a birthday party favor for 50-year-old men, you have to think along their lines, yet be a little creative. Of course (the favors) it should match the party's theme. How about ordering customized cigar cases? You can have a birthday message engraved on it or a sketch that represents your theme. Like, say, you are planning to have a golden themed party, you can order for golden colored cigar cases, as they look royal and rich.
Scrap Books
Scrap Book
If you want something that would stay with your guests forever and help relive memories time and again, then you might like this birthday party favor idea. You can prepare a scrapbook with pictures of the birthday boy and other guests present at the party, so that every time you open this album, you are sure to have a smile on your face. You can also have some embarrassing photos to add to the fun element in your party favor.
Gardening Kit
Gadening Kit
Now this birthday party favor is a very thoughtful gift! Turning 50 is about pursuing your hobbies, that you probably missed out on during mid age. Get back to them! Maybe you would love to spend time with plants and admiring nature. How about a gardening kit as a party favor? It comes in a basket and has all the necessary equipment needed; you can have a customized label on every kit to give it a personalized touch.
So, now you are well-equipped with a few 50th birthday party favors for men. This is not all, get a little creative and you will surely come up with even more wonderful birthday party favor ideas. Have fun!
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