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Outlandishly Cool Party Ideas for Your 15-year-old's BIG Day

Party Ideas for 15-Year-Olds
When it comes to planning a party for 15-year-olds, you need to take special care, as these kids can be treated as young adults. Hence, the party should be arranged keeping in mind their age and requirements.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2018
Birthday parties are no more just for kids, even teenagers need to celebrate their birthday in a memorable way, specially when it is their 15th birthday. 15-years-old are quite grown up children and arranging a party for them can be a tough task. So, if your son or daughter is turning 15, and you are planning to throw a wonderful party, here are some ideas for you.
Party Themes for 15-Year-Olds
Once you are done with the planning for the party, it is time to decide on a theme. There are innumerable birthday party themes for 15-year-olds, and these may differ for boys and girls.
If the birthday is somewhere around the Halloween day, you can arrange a Halloween party. Ask the guests to come in Halloween costumes or Halloween masks, whichever is convenient for them. Arrange for some decorations that will give an eerie effect, similar to that in a haunted house. You can go a step further by adding scary Halloween treats to the menu, to surprise your little guests! This party can be arranged inside the house or even in the outdoors.
This can be a great coed party, where you can ask the guests to dress like their favorite Hollywood actor or actress. For this theme you may need to inform the guests well in advance, as they will require time to arrange for the appropriate outfit, accessories and makeup. Spread out a red carpet at the entrance and interview the guests as they enter the premises. Collect some posters of famous Hollywood movies and hang/stick them at appropriate places. You can arrange for a photographer to take keepsake photos. Arrange for party foods that are elegant and rich, and serve variety of tropical juices.
Spa party is an exclusive birthday party idea for girls. Girls love to care for their skin and moreover, they also like to get pampered. So, you can book a spa for a day for your daughter and her friends. Arrange for manicures, pedicures and massage sessions. This birthday party theme is the best you can offer to your little queen.
Teenagers love to play sports and if you have a boy who is turning 15, you can arrange a game party with some interesting games to play. Games can bring in a lot of excitement to the party. Get every guest involved in the party games, as this can be a good way of socializing. There is no limit to the number of games that can be played at such a party. Choose the ones which will suit your budget, venue and number of guests. Arrange for some great music to enhance the fun at the party. This can be the best birthday party idea for a 15-year-old boy.
A beach party can be fun and your 15-year-old and his/her friends are sure to love this outdoor party idea. If you have a beach in your city, you need not plan much beforehand. You can choose a beach theme to design the invites. For the food, you can set up a barbeque or order sandwiches and hot dogs. A game of beach volleyball is all that's required to make this party a success. The kids can also dance to some peppy music and chat around a bonfire after the party.
There are parties and then there are ones that make you feel really special, and an evening out on a grand limousine will do just that for your kid and his/her friends! However, you need to plan well in advance for this one, and it can be a little hard on the pocket as well. Make arrangements for hiring a limousine on the day of the party, and see the kids' eyes light up with joy on seeing the grand vehicle parked at the doorstep. When you design the invites, just make sure that you inform your little guests to come dressed up in evening attire. You can drive the kids to a food joint they love, and have a fun evening.
Even though masquerade parties are common, they can be fun! Decorate the house with lights for a mysterious look, or book a hall at the local club. You can choose theme colors for the party and choose the cutlery in these colors. Also, keep a collection of songs that the kids can waltz to. This can be a great opportunity for the kids to dress up in evening attire and dance through the evening. As for the masks, you can either send them with the invites, or hand them over to the kids at the entrance to the venue.
This is one idea inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean, and can prove to be real fun if executed in the right way! To begin with, decorate the house to make it resemble a pirate's den. This can go a long way in creating the right feel. Treasure hunting games can be great way to take up the fun quotient a few notches higher.
Planning for the Birthday Party
Here are some tips to plan for your 15-year old kid's birthday party ...
  • The first thing that should be considered before deciding the theme of the party is, the budget. Some birthday party themes are quite budget-friendly, while some may be too expensive.
  • Decide the number of guests that you will be inviting. One of the important considerations that needs to be taken of, when planning a party for young teenagers is, whether you want it to be coed party or not.
  • Decide whether you will require some professional help during the party.
  • Chalk out the events that will be taking place during the party. Decide if you want it to be a overnight party. If you do not want it to be a overnight party, decide the duration of the party.
  • Party menu is a very important element, which needs to be planned properly. You can hire a caterer or prepare the food by yourself.
Keep in mind, that a teen birthday party mostly comprises entertainment. And don't forget to talk to your child before deciding the party theme, and include his/her interests. With the help of these ideas, you can plan the birthday party and add fun to the party.
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