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Sweet 16 Party Favors for Boys and Girls That are Just Perfect

Sweet 16 Party Favors for Boys and Girls
A sixteenth birthday undoubtedly calls for a big celebration. And who can make your day special and fun-filled than your family and friends, so it is your duty to show your gratitude with a thoughtful party favor. Here's how you can say thank you...
Charlie S
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
A sweet sixteen birthday party ought to be celebrated in style. To make it a day worth-remembering and fun give all your guests some really great favors as a token of your appreciation. This will not only show that you are thankful for their contribution to make the day special but also make them feel you are glad to have them in your life.
The favors can be simple things like a personal diary or even a chocolate for the one with a sweet tooth. Then there are customized favors that you can get if you do not want to exceed your budget. Whatever you choose, it should reflect your love and gratitude for your guests. Well to start with, you could try giving them....
Mini Manicure Set
Your girlfriends would just love you for this favor. Girls of all ages love receiving things that will help keep themselves prim and proper. This is sure to be a hot rage among all your girlie guests.
Key Chain
You can't really give your guy friends an automobile, can you? In such cases it makes sense to give personalized or themed key chains.
Bookmarks are always welcome for the so-called bookworms. You can give DIY bookmarks to make it more effective.
Compact Mirror
"Mirror Mirror on the wall!" On a personal level wouldn't you like a stylish mirror to have a sneak peek into every five minutes. That just about makes it perfect for your friends too!
Card Holder
Well, if you are going to help the boys show off their organized card collection, this should suffice. Look out for some funny motifs, and if possible keep it in tune with your theme.
Coffee Mug
Now, who isn't fond of huge mugs lining the table. A fine idea is to get your theme printed on the mugs, this way it will remind them of you.
Clutch or Handbag
Another gift your girl pals will like is a nice handbag or clutch. No doubt, this will be put to good use; besides, it will bring a smile on their face.
Now if you're giving the girls stylish clutches and pretty handbags, why should the boys be left behind. You can gift them personal wallets, something that they too might appreciate.
Picture Frame
You can get your friends personalized photo frames. Make sure you take a lot of pictures on your birthday and mail individual snaps to your friends. This way they can remember your special event.
Agreed, diamonds are a girl's best friend, but so are any sort of jewelry. Get your best buddies a pair of earrings or a necklace.
For the boys, you can even think of giving them printed tees. The best option is to get plain polo necks and get them printed with your theme.
Personal Diary
A tad bit traditional I must say, but your young friends will surely appreciate a personal diary from you. Keep writing then, you budding writers.
Mini Jewelry Casket
If not jewelry, you can think of giving your friends mini caskets in which they can store their precious rings and chains.
Stylish Bottle Opener
Give your friends exquisite and stylish bottle openers. There's a plethora of them available in the market, which makes for interesting and trendy party favors.
Designer Pen Drive
Call this innovative thinking! You are likely to find pen drives that do not look one bit like pen drives. You are sure to find something that will suit their likes and dislikes.
Asian Fans
This is something that can come to a very practical use. One can take it along for classes or even luncheon dates. These fans are stylish and definitely add to the glam quotient.
Guys love sporting wristbands of all sizes. You could get inscribed wristbands or simple the sporty ones. You know your guy friends are gonna love this gift.
Candle Holder
I know this sounds very girlie, but guys can use it as well, on a special romantic date. Seriously, ain't that a fab idea!
Soft Toy
Girls can never have enough of their own soft toys, can they? Give a girl a soft toy and see her face glow with joy. She never seems to be tired of these cuddly toys.
Scale Model Car
Guys and cars just cannot be separated, it is more like their first love. Presenting them with miniature models of their favorite cars is indeed a good idea to make them happy.
Candies and Chocolates
...and Finally, Chocolates! Make your sweet sixteen party complete with chocolate goody bags. You can also get a personally crafted chocolate favor to make them feel really special.
Besides, I feel just about any gift given as a token of heartfelt gratitude should suffice. For, as Marcel Proust says, "Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
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