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Best-ever Quinceanera Theme Ideas That You Probably Never Thought Of

Quinceanera Theme Ideas
A ceremony that celebrates a girl's coming of age, a Quinceañera is something that every girl and her parents generally look forward to. Here are some themes for your daughter's Quinceañera ceremony.
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Quinceañera, also known as Fiesta de Quinceañera, is a ceremony that is prevalent mostly in Latin-American countries, like Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia. It marks the fifteenth birthday of a girl and announces her transition from childhood to young womanhood. A Quinceañera is celebrated in different ways throughout South America. But a few common highlights of the ceremony can be seen in the collage alongside, depicting different Quinceañera traditions. Common sequence of events are: the girl's entry, lighting of the fifteen candles, ritual of the shoe, ritual of the tiara, father-daughter waltz followed by the girl dancing with a male partner (a boyfriend or friend with rights), the cake-cutting ceremony, formal toast, and thanksgiving.

Quinceañera have gone through a lot of change over the times, along with traditions, many new facets have been added to the ceremony. A girl's Quinceañera is, without a doubt, a very special occasion in her life. It is understandable that parents spend a lot of time, thought (and perhaps money as well!) on it. Here are a few Quinceañera theme ideas that will help you organize a lovely Quinceañera for your daughter.
Theme Ideas for a Quinceañera
Quinceanera in Mexico city
Here are some Quinceañera themes. First are a few themes that are more traditional, later are some modern Quinceañera theme ideas.
Color Theme
Pink roses
The color of the girl's dress has a lot of significance. Usually, a girl wears a pink dress for her Quinceañera. The color pink is supposed to be symbolic of her innocence. However, many girls now prefer to wear a white, peach or purple-colored dress. In any case, the color of dress should be of a lighter shade. You could hence give your daughter's Quinceañera a color theme. For example, if your daughter is going to wear a pink dress, then you can use pink roses to decorate the place. You can keep a bouquet of pink roses as a centerpiece for all the tables. You can use pink drapes as well. You could welcome your daughter's girl-friends with a corsage of pink flowers, while young boys could be welcomed with a pink boutonniere. The gift-wrap paper for the favors can be pink as well, and so can the icing on the cake.
Fairytale Theme
Princess carriage
Indeed, a Quinceañera sounds like a ceremony straight out of a fairytale, so what could be a better theme for a Quinceañera than a fairytale? You can choose your daughter's favorite fairytale. If your daughter liked Cinderella as a little girl, you can have your daughter arrive in a carriage. You can ask your daughter's godmother to dress and look like Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. What's more, the ritual of the shoes will just complete the tale serendipitous!
Flower Theme
Wedding ballroom hall
One simple theme for a Quinceañera will be flowers. You can either choose to decorate the venue with a single flower (for example, carnations of all different colors, or Gerber's of all different colors, etc.) or you can choose different flowers of a particular color (for example, if your daughter likes yellow flowers, you can pick yellow roses, yellow carnations, yellow dahlias, yellow narcissus, etc.). You can use flowers to make a lovely fascinator to adorn your daughter's hair as well. You could welcome your girl's girl-friends with one as well. Another idea can be to design a floral print dress for your daughter.
Unusual Theme Ideas
Like I said before, Quinceañera have undergone a lot of changes, and all kinds of different themes can be adopted for your daughter's Quinceañera. Here is a list of some modern Quinceañera theme ideas.
Victorian Theme
Research a little bit on the fashion trends, hairstyles, and furnishing trends that were prevalent in the Victorian era and base your daughter's Quinceañera on it.
Tinker Bell
If your daughter is not too fond of the big, pompous, flattering dress that is traditionally worn for a Quinceañera, this theme will allow you to design a modern, short Quinceañera dress for your daughter; something similar to what Tinker Bell wears herself!
A flamenco theme for your daughter's Quinceañera will give you the opportunity to design an unusual dress for her. Along with that, if you plan to have choreographed dances for the ceremony, you can choose to have a flamenco dance! It looks exotic.
Arabian Nights
This will again allow you to completely revamp the look of the venue, and the look of your daughter as well! The decoration, music, can all be made to suit the theme.
Remember, your daughter should be the focus of the Quinceañera, the center of attention! Make sure you take extra efforts to make her look and feel absolutely pampered, special and precious! Hope you have a lovely Quinceañera.
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