Eco-friendly Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Wondering how can you make your kid's birthday party a unique celebration and eco-friendly at the same time? Here is an article to support your thought and give you some fascinating eco-friendly kids birthday party ideas.
BirthdayFrenzy Staff
It is a very difficult task on the part of the parents to break the normal birthday celebration trend and adopt a new way to make the event an eco-friendly activity. Children are used to the parties that consist junk food, adventurous games, loud music and what not. But, today's environmental condition is such that we all need to think about it seriously and do our bit to save our environment. There are many people who work day and night to deal with this major concern of global warming. We can also contribute just by altering our regular activities a little, like planning our kid's birthday in an eco-friendly manner and other such events.
"Green" Birthday Party Ideas
Share the Thought
It is very important that your child knows the whole idea behind organizing such an event. Let him learn to do something good to serve nature and feel satisfied for his contribution. You can explain the drawbacks of the present scenario and tell him what we, as the children of the earth, can do to save her. Show him the children who are struggling to get the full meal even once in a day and the ones who do not even have a shelter. Tell him that we can donate some money and help them.
Select "Green" Location
Put some options in front of your child like gardens, parks, museums, zoos and farms and let the kid select one of them for his birthday party. The benefit of choosing natural outdoor locations is that it does not require much decoration which will save your money as well as bring children and adults close to nature which is otherwise very difficult in routine life.
Use "Green" Decorations, Invitations and Gifts
Go green while you are listing out the required materials for your kid's birthday party. Make use of natural and reusable, recyclable materials like cloth table covers instead of plastic, pieces of cloth instead of paper napkins. For decorations, again avoid plastic by using natural things like plants, candles, etc. You can avoid using paper invitations and invite people through electronic versions, for example, you can send sms and email invitations to people. As far as gifts are concerned there are a lot of green ideas. You can request the guests to get small donations in the form of clothes, money, books and food as their gifts which can be useful for the orphanages. If some of them still want to gift your child with some useful object, request them to use newspapers, old magazines to wrap the gift instead of plastic and color papers.
Plan the Food According to the "Green" Theme
Serve delicious but healthy food to the guests. Fruits, veggies and nuts can be the most appropriate ingredients in party food as they taste great, look awesome and above all, are extremely healthy for kids as well as adults. Homemade cakes without artificial sweeteners and colors will also serve the purpose very well.
Say Good-bye to Conventional Goodie Bags
No more those plastic bags filled with sugary candies that do no good to the teeth. Give bags made out of used paper. You can fill the goodie bags with seeds and tell the children to plant those seeds in their backyard which will add to the greenery of the earth as well as save your money on buying the expensive return gifts.
Conduct "Green" Outdoor Activities and Games
In this section, you can include both fun and education. For giving children a learning experience, take them on a trip to the nearest organic farm or a dairy farm and let them see the working system there. After the learning experience, let them play together in parks as kids enjoy running behind each other and swinging along in the park. You can also carry out the bookworm activity in the park. All the children will bring their used books and exchange them with others. Children can create stories which you can write down for them. These written pages will be colored by the kids using recycled crayons and will be their return gifts. You can use eco-friendly ideas in planning birthday party games for kids like using eco-friendly balloons for a balloon game.
Plan a unique, yet wonderful birthday party for your kid and enjoy. If we all think and contribute to this cause, we will soon see our mother earth back in her green attire and live a safe and healthy life.