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Romantic Ideas for Your Boyfriend's Birthday

Romantic Ideas for Boyfriend's Birthday
Birthdays of your loved one is always very, very special. This day is the time when you can express your love in many different ways, not necessarily in a sense of spending money, but to make your better-half feel special about him.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Jul 19, 2019
So it has come to be that you've decided to go the romantic way this birthday. But what can you do to turn his birthday from a so-so event into a day worth remembering for years to come?
See, it's simple - you, coupled with a romantic activity, and his birthday will turn from the humdrum to the really awesome. And who does not want more of that? We all do. But for that, we need ideas. Rest assured the variety is mind-boggling, and it spans over so many choices that you will be really, really spoiled for choice of what to zero in on for his special day. There are activities that focus on the outdoors, the indoors, activities that have everything to do with adventure; some that are so romantic, he'll be begging for more, scores more that are absolutely crazy. Some that are so heartwarming, it will make him go all 'aww' and that's saying something.
So then, some amazing, fun, and romantic birthday ideas for boyfriend's birthday? Coming right up in the sections to follow.
Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend
Rent a Yacht/Boat
Couple Sailing On A Yacht
Save up some money, rent a yacht, dress to perfection and do it like the socialites do it. Get the champagne flowing and sail around on the sea on a balmy morning.
Go Snorkeling
Snorkel through the deep blue sea and go on a beautiful adventure. Then lie down next to each other and cool down with a million thoughts running through your head.
Movies in Bed
Ditch the couch. Prepare the bed instead and make it extra soft with scores of pillows. Then, sit really close to him and plug in one movie after the other.
Club Dancing
Boogie, shimmy, grind, gyrate, dance the way you want and do some shots. Is there a better way of celebrating the birthday? Hardly.
Back Massage
Give him a back massage and who knows, it might lead to something else. We don't rule that out. We encourage it, in fact.
Beach Volleyball
Volleyball on the beach!  Sweating, sweating, sweating - then off for a swim in the sea.
Cliff Diving
This is definitely something that will get the adrenaline rushing forth. What a high it will be to jump from that cliff and into the cold water, holding hands.
Map to You
Lead him to a sultry night ahead by dropping in clues of where he can find you - in a negligee - more or less.
Love Notes
Give him a bunch of love coupons with a score of things that you'll do for him, for example - kissing in a public place, flaunting the hickey he gave you. Go ahead, fill in the rest.
A cycling trip through the countryside. Stopping by for a quick bite and enjoying the local cuisine. Maybe going for a swim in a lake? All very lovely, isn't it?
Pillow Fight
It's a fantasy these men have, alright. Go childish and bump a pillow on his rear, then escalate it into a full-blown pillow fight and giggle and scream your way through a perfectly juvenile night.
Hot Air Balloon Ride
A view of the meadows and the picturesque valleys from way up above. There will be wine, some music perhaps, and you two. Perfect? We think so.
Bungee Jumping
Get yourself strapped together, hold his hand tight and then simply take the leap of faith. Nothing much else compares to the rush you'll feel. Really.
Ferris Wheel Ride
It's fun, it's simple and when you get up there and feel the knot in the pit of the stomach while zooming down, simply slide closer to him and hold his hand tight.
Nothing like teasing him (much like the image above, for starters).
Trip Together
Think it's a cliché to take a trip together? Think again. It works every single time. Whisk yourself off to an ultra romantic locale and imagine what transpires thereafter.
Bike Ride
There's no math in this one. Let the wind do its thing with your hair while you hold on to him. Tightly.
Lunch in a Park
Prepare a lunch basket and whisk him away to a park. Spread a bed sheet under a tree, put on some soothing music and share a romantic lunch together. Strum him his favorite tune on the guitar if you must.
In a Romantic Setting
You don't need an ultra-expensive, minutely planned romantic spot. All you need is to find a romantic setting (like we found this really cool fountain up here), put your head on his shoulder and feel the world just go by.
People On Music Festival
Surprise him with tickets to a concert of his favorite artist. Jump, dance and scream till your voice goes hoarse.
Wake up on a Balcony
Keep awake the whole night - laughing, talking, having coffee (and doing other things we don't need to mention). Sleep off on the balcony, under the stars and wake up to a cold, cold morning with you snuggling next to him.
At the Beach
Not just any beach - a secluded beach. Or at least find a secluded spot on the beach. Run through the water, play with a frisbee and watch as wave after wave takes the humdrum away.
Long Drive
Long drives on scenic routes are full of potential. You can talk, reminisce, plan the future, all while you listen to songs and laugh, sing or talk some more.
Catch the Sunrise
Just as it is about to dawn, get yourselves off to a really high place, one where you can catch the sunrise from. One of the most beautiful feelings in the world, really.
Make a Bonfire
Collect some firewood, get all the supplies in order, get the music player ready, pack a huge dinner and get yourselves to the perfect spot. Light that bonfire and just sway to the night.
Cook a Meal
Of course it's true ladies - the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Nothing as romantic as you cooking a meal for him. Ask him to join you and make it an even better deal.
Casino Night
casino night
Indulge in a night of endless fun with all the money and the power and you egging him on to win it all.
Fantasy Come True
Turn up the sensual a notch and indulge in his fantasy, his way. He. Will. Love. It.
We just gave you a start with these ideas for boyfriend's birthday, you can keep on adding to the list as and how you please. Like they say, a birthday happens once a year - make it count.
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