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Cool Things to Do on Your 18th Birthday and Step Into Adulthood

Things to Do on Your 18th Birthday
Hear! Hear! Your 18th birthday is here! And there's a bunch of things that you will now be able to 'legally' do. But what will you do ON the day you turn 18? Here are some ideas.
Debopriya Bose
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
An 18th birthday is an important event in everyone's life. It marks one's entry into adulthood - a stage that brings freedom as well as more responsibilities to shoulder. It is a good time to celebrate with family and friends. From getting a tattoo done to sky diving, your 18th birthday can be an opportunity to give wings to your wishes. Let this event not pass in a way that when you look back at this time you realize that it was an opportunity worth being made more memorable than it is.
Ideas for Your Birthday
Want to step into adulthood with some wisdom? Launch a 'wisdom party' a week before the big day. Get a scrapbook. Tear off the pages and send one page each to every member of your family and ask them to pen down advice for you. Yes you heard it right - EVERY member and that includes your younger brother too. Collect the bits of wisdom that everyone has to give. The advice of the elders would certainly be valuable. However, you might be surprised how your younger siblings' suggestions also makes sense. Bind the pages back and read out each member's 18th birthday suggestions or advice at the dinner party on your birthday.

What better way to celebrate one's 18th birthday than to throw a birthday party for friends and family. Since an 18th birthday is the time to step out of childhood and adolescence, bid adieu to that stage with some great party ideas. Throw a party with the theme 'Remember Your Youth'.
Throw a Party
throw a party
Ask your friends to dress up as their favorite cartoon character or some celebrity that they idolize. To relive the childhood days organize party games like pin the tail on the donkey and have a piƱata. Throw a water gun party. Ask every guest to bring their own water guns. Have fun with friends as you have a water gun fight like old days. If there are grown ups in the party you can't even imagine the fun watching them fight against each other with their water guns.
Hit the Road
hit the road
With an 18th birthday comes a sense of freedom. Celebrate it in the true spirit with friends. Plan a road trip for a couple of days. Cover the regions you have always wanted to. However, be sure to prepare a checklist for what to bring on a road trip and don't forget to take a map, enough food, and a first aid kit on the trip.
You can hire a boat or join one of the tours on the canals, waterways, rivers and seas. Canoeing, sailing, water-skiing, kayaking, moped rides, water rafting, surfboarding... phew! The list can be never-ending. You can enjoy these exciting activities with your friends and family.
Go Clubbing
go clubbing
Once you have crossed the threshold why not have a great night out clubbing. With this age comes unlimited options to go clubbing. However, make this landmark event a memorable one. Go to a club where you could dance the night away with friends. Don't let any untoward incident tarnish the day. Birthday means guests and more guests spells more money. Look for clubs that have special offers for birthday parties. Some may offer a discount or may even have gifts for the birthday boy/girl.
Skiing, sledding, snowboarding, backpacking, mountaineering, and camping are some of the adventurous activities that you can enjoy on your 18th birthday.
On Top of the World
top of the world
Feels like you are on top of the world? Turn this feeling in to a real experience. Arrange for a helicopter ride if you have always desired to fly like a bird. Go sky diving or wind surfing. Get into some extreme sport to feel the excitement of the day. However, extreme sports can be dangerous if proper safety measures are not taken. Also ensure that you are physically fit for such activities and that the agency conducting such events is of good repute.
Amusement Park It Is
amusement park
Amusement and theme parks hold a special allure for the young and the adult alike. So what if you are stepping into the world of the adults. With their exciting rides and thrilling roller coasters, amusement parks still remain one of the favorite places to go on an 18th birthday. Consider Disney theme parks. They float offers and discounts on special occasions.
You can enjoy paragliding or parachuting with your friends. Isn't that a wonderful idea! These activities require minimum training and the trainer accompanies you when you jump.
Scuba Diving
scuba diving
Scuba diving can be a thrilling experience for you. With a little training, you can explore the beautiful world beneath the waves.
Hot Air Balloon Ride
hot air balloon ride
These days, balloon festivals are arranged at various places. Skim over the city in a hot air balloon. I am sure it would be an amazing experience for you and your friends.
Complete Makeover
Get your hair streaked. Implement some bold hair color ideas. Take off those glasses. Go for some attractive lens. Have a complete makeover. It's your day. Be the eye catcher! I am sure you will enjoy the 'surprised expressions' of your friends!
Weekend with Friends
weekend with friends
You can rent a cabin in the mountains and spend the weekend with friends. Invite friends over and get a karaoke. Let the singer out in every one! Take the risk! When with friends, have some mischief by throwing some naughty truth or dare questions and ideas.
Bungee Jumping
Man bungee jumping, seen against blue sky, view from below
The thrill is amazing and there's really not much to think about, if you're a risk-taker or an adventurer. If you've not tried bungee jumping, just go for it! You never know, perhaps you'll fall in love with it.
There is a host of things you could do on your 18th birthday. However, besides the freedom comes the expectation that one would behave responsibly like an adult. Have a blast and let it be a birthday that will bring a smile on your face even years after you think of it.
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Joyful girl at birthday party surrounded by friends
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