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8 Unique and Elegant Printable Quinceanera Invitations

8 Unique and Elegant Printable Quinceanera Invitations

Every girl dreams of this special day of her life - the Quinceañera celebration! This day heralds a girl's metamorphosis from naiveté to maturity. This BirthdayFrenzy article gives you 8 unique and elegant printable quinceanera invitations that you can send to your loved ones in honor of this jubilation.
Sai Kardile
The tradition of Quinceañera is believed to have come from the Aztecs. Since women weren't deemed an important part of the society, their education only meant learning household responsibilities. Elder women in the community would teach young girls (15 year old) the ways to comport themselves in the community, child-rearing, cooking, weaving, etc. When a young girl got married, it would require an elderly woman to carry the young bride on her back and light the path as she walked with the bride to the bridegroom's house.
Today Quinceañera isn't just a jovial celebration of a young girl's debut in womanhood but it also means that she is now ready to take up her share of responsibilities. The celebration is a lavish affair, as good as a wedding. Quinceañera is a grand celebration for the Quince girl (a loving moniker for the honoree), her parents, relatives, and godparents.

The ceremony begins with a mass, where she asserts her faith in God, receives blessings from a priest as well as expresses her gratitude for a good childhood. The Quince girl gets herself arrayed in a vestido de quinceañera (a beautiful Quinceañera gown) with her head adorned with a tiara. The real party kicks off with opulence, choreographed dances, music, magnificent cake, grand decorations, toast-raising ceremony, and a grandiose dinner setting. This coming of age celebration is a defining moment in a young girl's life, where she is bestowed with valuable life lessons as well as lavish gifts.

While there are many preparations to be made for Quinceañera celebration that will keep you snowed under, we thought we would lessen your workload by offering you some elegant and unique printable Quinceanera invitation options.

quinceanera invitation one
quinceanera invitation two

quinceanera invitation three
quinceanera invitation four

quinceanera invitation six
quinceanera invitation five

quinceanera invitation seven
quinceanera invitation eight

Parents and godparents start planning for this special occasion right from the time a girl is born in the family. From flowers to embellishments on the gown to music band to food, they all work tirelessly to make their daughter's Quinceañera the most memorable and life-enriching experience of her life.