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Life's Just Starting! Awesome 30th Birthday Party Ideas for Women

30th Birthday Party Ideas for Women
Are you looking for the ways to organize the 30th birthday of your wife? We have presented you the ideas over here that will help you in planning the party.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Reaching the milestone 30 is a celebrated moment in a woman's life. While some get sentimental, remembering the youthful yesteryear, others embrace this with joy. If your wife is turning 30 this year, then why not plan something grand on her birthday? The best way to win her heart is by organizing a surprise birthday party with friends and peers alike.
30th Birthday Party for Women ~ Ideas for Celebration
So how do you chalk out the plan for her 30th birthday party? Remember, it's a surprise and she shouldn't get any hint of it. Apart from gifts, you can find out many ways to make her 30th birthday a moment of a lifetime. Here I come up with the 30th birthday party ideas for women.
Definitely you will be inviting friends, relatives, neighbors and other people close to her. We have listed some options for inviting your guests.
  • Get the greeting cards printed. Mention the occasion and venue of the party. Hand it over by person or by post. You opt for this kind of favor for people who need an official invitation.
  • You can also mail them on their respective e-mail addresses.
  • You can call her friends personally instead of inviting with greetings.
If it's a surprise party, then you cannot celebrate neither at your home nor at your backyard. So, you have to book a venue (hall/restaurant) at least a few days beforehand. You can hire a birthday planner and the concerned person will take the responsibility of decorating the ambiance. This will include the following.
  • Interior decoration with a theme of 30th birthday party for your wife.
  • Arrangement of tables for cutting the cake.
  • Placement of centerpieces and flowers over the table.
  • Decorating the buffet table and chairs for guests.
Who doesn't expect a birthday gift? It is indeed special and is loved by everyone, irrespective of age. So what will be the best gift for 30th birthday? Go ahead with shopping some beautiful gifts for your beloved. The gift options are:
  • Jewelry is loved by every woman. Get a beautiful pendant, ring, bangles or earrings for her.
  • Gift her 30 bouquets enamored with different types of flowers.
  • You can also gift her the latest gadget as a surprise gift.
  • An elegant apparel and sexy lingerie set are also excellent options.
A party cannot end beautifully without good food. When you are throwing a grand party, then exotic cuisines are a must. Hand over the entire responsibility to a catering service for the arrangements and serving. You can keep the menus simple as well. Here are some ideas.
  • A delicious birthday cake with candles.
  • Soft drinks and snacks in the evening.
  • A good buffet menu for the dinner along with drinks.
  • Healthy desserts after the main course.
Be cordial with your guests and welcome them warmly. They should be served food heartily and waiters must exhibit good behavior.
  • You can welcome your guests with flowers.
  • Speak politely to them and ask them about their requirement, especially to the elders.
  • Be cordial to friends and peers. Pay extra attention to kids.
  • Ensure that the requirements of old people (if present) are met.
Let the party begin with an eloquent speech delivered by you exclusively for your wife and fill the ambiance with love, laughter and joy. Celebrate marvelously so that she cherishes the memories of her 30th birthday bash.
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