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Delightfully Mind-blowing 40th Birthday Cake Themes for Women

40th Birthday Cakes for Women
Designing special and personalized 40th birthday cakes for women is something that many bakers undertake. Use the ideas mentioned in this article and get your 40 year old birthday girl a cake she'll never forget!
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
A 40th birthday for a woman can be quite an unnerving occasion. She's at a threshold where she's not old, but not very young either. And if that thought's not enough, there's hormonal changes, physical changes, emotional upheavals, and other such (un)pleasant experiences to follow. So, what can be done to make her 40th birthday a little bit special and make her forget her woes for a while? A fabulous cake! This BirthdayFrenzy article has some ideas for 40th birthday cakes for women that you can ask your specialty baker to try his hand at.
Tiffany's It Is!
No woman can resist jewelry. And when we talk about jewelry, the one name that instantly pops into our heads is Tiffany's. For the 40th birthday girl, how about getting a designer cake made - Tiffany's style! Use one of their own signature turquoise and silver gift boxes as a model and ask the specialty baker to replicate it in the form of a cake. You can also throw in a small gift from Tiffany's as the proverbial 'icing' on the cake.
Bottoms Up
By forty, the birthday girl must have developed a taste for some form of alcohol. For her birthday, find out what her favorite alcohol is and get the baker to design a cake in the shape and form of the bottle of that alcohol. If you get a brand name from her, then nothing like it! It'll be easier to replicate the color and logo. If you don't get a brand name, you can still have a cake in the shape of an alcohol bottle for her!
Not Without My Handbag
Ever seen a woman go anywhere without her handbag? Whether it's just to the grocer down the stairs, the supermarket across the block or even the ladies room at a restaurant, women have an amazing affinity to their handbags and carry them around wherever they go. If your forty year old friend too, is a sucker for fancy handbags, find out who her favorite designer is and get a cake made in the shape and color of that designer. Also, make sure the designer's logo or signature is included.
Hobby Cake
Here's a sweet idea for a 40th birthday cake for women. If you know her well, you know what her hobbies are. If not, find out what she enjoys doing, what are her passions, what does she spend her free time doing. Once you do, get a cake made highlighting that hobby or talent. It could be a really fat book to denote reading and writing, a flower garden for a gardening enthusiast, a colorful canvas with paint brushes for an artist. You can also have a vanity case with makeup items strewn across the base if she loves getting dolled up and is very particular about her appearance.
Busy as a Bee
If your forty year old is someone who is extremely busy and crams in as much work as she can within a day, and works until the point of exhaustion, a fortieth birthday is a good occasion to have a healthy (or maybe no so healthy) intervention, by using a cake to send her the message. No, no, nothing morose or depressing, depicting a nervous breakdown (though you can try that too). You can get the baker to bake a cake in the form of a beehive, with a few bees flitting around it. Attach a note telling her that she's busy as a bee and that she needs to relax once in while. She'll appreciate the thought, the effort, and of course, the oh-so-delicious cake!
The specialty cakes for women mentioned above will definitely cost you a lot more than the usual ones. So, keep that in mind when you think of getting a fancy, made-to-order cake. Use your imagination to make the cake as personalized as you can. After all, she'll turn forty just once, right?
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