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August Birth Flower

August Birth Flower

The flower for people born in August is gladiolus, which is also known by the common name, sword flower. In addition to gladiolus, poppy is often used as a birth flower for the same month. Read on, to know more about August birth flower.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
All of us are well-acquainted with birthstones or lucky stones, specific to our date of birth. And the vogue is to wear jewelry adorned with the particular stones for better prospects in life. But, what about the birth flower? Not many of us have the slightest knowledge about the flowers assigned according to the specific birth month. Here, we shall take a look at the August birth flower, its symbolic meaning, and tattoo of the same.

The representation of flowers specific to the birth month is believed to have originated since the Roman empire. In those days, gifting exclusive items, ranging from jewelry studded with birthstones and flower bouquets arranged with specific birthday flowers was a part of the birthday celebration. Thus, the trend continues and gifting flowers according to the birth month is practiced till today.

Just like the spring flower daffodil is a birth flower for March born people, those who have their birth dates in August do have a specific birth flower. Two flowers are being assigned for August born people. The first is the gladiolus, also known as the sword lily. The term gladiolus is coined from the Latin word for sword, gladius. It is the elongated, green foliage of gladiolus that resembles the shape of a sword. But, despite the name sword lily, this August birth flower is not at all related to the lily family.

Indigenous to parts of South America, the gladiolus is a much preferred garden plant for hobbyists, basically due to its rich fragrance, beautiful flowers that are long-lasting, and ease in growing. The flowers are borne on a long stalk, with the bottom flowers opening first. Also considered as the true birth flower for August born people, it is available in shades of white, pink, yellow, red, and many other vibrant colors. If you are interested in growing this lovely flower, its care level is low and you can maintain healthy gladiolus plants in your garden.

The second flower that is used alternatively with gladiolus for August born people is the poppy. Unlike gladiolus, a single poppy flower is borne per stalk. It is found in colors of white, orange, pink, and red. In majority of the poppy species, the central portion of the flower appears darker as compared to the petals. With reference to the language of flowers or flower meanings, gladiolus denotes strength of a character, honor, and faithfulness; while poppy symbolizes oblivion and imagination.

August Birth Flower Tattoo

As the birth flower for people born in August is gladiolus or poppy, it is understandable that the august birth flower tattoo can be gladiolus or poppy. While getting a gladiolus flower tattoo done, the choice of colors, flower size, and position of tattoo in the body is up to the tattoo bearer. Shades of yellow, orange, and red are most preferred, but some opt for combination colors designed in a peculiar pattern. As far as the ideal tattooing areas are concerned, one can wear it in the nape, back of the neck, waist, and hip.

As you know the birth flower for August born people, you can consider gifting bunches of gladiolus that symbolize a unique meaning of their own. Likewise, you can also do simple things to make your friends and relatives feel more special on their birthday. You can refer to the birth flower pictures, and see how beautiful the gladiolus and poppy are. Indeed, these flowers are so attractive that they are popularly used as cut flowers for decorating a room. And believe me, keeping gladiolus and/or poppy in an adorable vase will enhance your room appearance in a unique way.
gladiolus Flower Tattoo
gladiolus Flower