Homemade Birthday Cards for Mom

Wondering what to gift your mom and bring a smile to her face? Try your hand at making a birthday card that will surely be treasured by your mother for a long time to come.
With all the gifts that I have given my mother for her birthdays over the years, when I asked her recently what her favorite gift till date had been, I couldn't have been more surprised. Because the next thing she did was walk to her cupboard and take out this old piece of paper. This gift was something I had given her years ago; a gift certificate promising her that I would do all sorts of household work. Her explanation for this being her favorite gift or card or whatever you want to call it was that it was something I had made on my own. If you want to give your mom a gift or a card on her birthday that she would truly appreciate, opt to make a birthday card yourself. Rest assured that she will hold this token of your love for her very dear to her heart.
Tips on How to Make Birthday Card for Mom
So how do you go about the process of making birthday cards? Well making a birthday card is very simple. All you need for this entire arts and crafts project is card paper, sketch pens or colors of any medium of your choice, embellishments if you want any, glue, a pair of scissors, and your creativity. You do not have to be extremely good at drawing or a brilliant artist in order to make the card. It is the sentiment that you put into the process of making the card that matters.
The most important decision that you will need to take while making the card for your mom is how you want it to look. The design of the card will decide how you will go about the actual process of making the card. There are many books and websites that will allow you to go through different birthday card ideas that you can use to make your card.
  • You can play around with the shape of the card. Don't stick to the regular rectangular shape.
  • Depending on what your mother's interests are, you can design the card to resemble a shape symbolic of your mother's hobby, for example if she likes gardening, the card could be designed like a watering can.
  • Use a lot of colors in the card. Since it is a cheerful occasion, try to avoid the use of black and gray in the card. You can also use elements of graffiti and kitsch art on the card to make it look more colorful.
  • If you want to make a card that is more intricate, use details and embellishments like sequins and lace.
  • Dried flowers and ribbons also make for beautiful additions to homemade cards.
  • You could also learn how to make pop up cards which are very easy to make.
  • One of the best homemade birthday present ideas for mom that you can give with a pop-up card is a jack-in-the-box, with one of the favorite toys of the mother being the toy inside the box. This could bring back memories of her childhood and could be a very thoughtful gift.
These were just some of the innovative ideas that you can use to make a card for your mom. There are many things to say in a birthday card that you can definitely come up with. Put thought and effort into the card and you will create something that your mother will treasure forever.