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Birthday Invitation Wording for Adults

Birthday Invitation Wording for Adults

Looking for some good birthday invitation wording for adults, so that you can draft the party invites for your mum's birthday? Well, look no further, 'cause here's where you'll get them!
Sujata Iyer
Organizing a birthday party, especially for an adult can be a challenge! You can't go with the regular party games, decorations and hiring a clown or have your neighborhood baby sitter be a fairy. It's got to be different. And since everything about the party is different, the invitations should be too. So here are some great ideas for invitation wording for adult birthday parties that you can use on the invites!

How to Write a Birthday Invitation

So, you've arranged for that big surprise party and left the invitation cards for the end. Don't worry! That's what this article is here for. But before giving you some samples of the birthday invitation wording, let's see how you should write the invites!
  • Be original! Don't go in for the cliché lines that you hear so often.
  • Include a personal thought in the invitation.
  • Use good stationery. Don't be stingy. Use fancy paper.
  • Give it a creative twist by using a unique design or pattern.
  • Instead of printing the invites, write them by hand! It'll give them a personal touch.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Don't go on and on about it in the invite itself. You do want them to attend the party, right?
  • Make sure to clearly state the theme of the party, if any.

Wording Ideas for the Invites

Here are some good ideas for how you can compose a birthday invitation. Take your pick or take some tips from them. Your choice! Let's begin with a 20th birthday invitation wording sample.


Jane's turning 20 on the 1st of September. And I'm throwing her a party. It would be great to see you guys there too. I'm sure she'll love it!

It'll be at my place, that's (address) on 1st September, from 7 pm onwards. So see you there! Oh! I almost forgot, she has NO idea about this party, so I'd really appreciate if none of you mentioned it in front of her! Thanks! Yayee!

P.S.: The party theme is Vampires. So I expect everyone to be at their best behavior. Except for the blood sucking part, of course *wink* *wink*.


Now, let's see a 30th birthday party invitation wording example.

Hello all,

It is my pleasure to invite all you lovely people to the 30th birthday celebration of my lovely wife, Susanna! I met Susanna when we were just 15. And I cannot believe that it's been 15 years! She's still breathtakingly beautiful to me.

We will be holding a small dinner party for family and friends at our residence on the 25th of August from 6:30 pm onwards, and would be absolutely delighted to have you and your family with us on this happy occasion. Our address is on the enclosed slip of paper. See you soon.


Given below is a sample of 40th birthday invitation wordings.

Dear friends,

My mother, Sylvia, turns the big four oh! (MY GOSH) on the 7th of September. She doesn't think it's a big deal but I do! So I've planned her a surprise birthday party on the evening and I expect all of you to be there at 7 pm sharp.

Do come and make her day a little more special than she thinks it should be!


And now for the half century, yes the 50th birthday party invitation wording!

"A mask of gold hides all deformities." ~ Thomas Dekker

Truer words were never spoken. And Timothy Donald (a.k.a Timmy Boy) is living proof. He has held his family together through all that was harmful. He has kept his friends close to his heart. All this while, never complaining about any troubles that he might have been facing.

It is to honor this man on his 50th birthday, which falls on 12th September, that we, Sean and Ray are holding a small party for him. We hope to see you at (address) by 6:30 pm.

Lotsa Love!

Well, that was all the help from here regarding birthday invitation wording. I'm sure you can come up with some good ones yourselves too. Until then, you can always use these as pointers!