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Birthday Surprises for Him: Exciting and Just Romantic

Romantic Birthday Surprises for Him
Movie and dinner; don't you think that's a bit old now? Try exciting romantic birthday surprises for him this year.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
What does romance mean to you? For many, it could be heart-shaped candy boxes, flowers, a day in the spa, candlelight dinner, etc. But men and women have different perspectives when it comes to romantic gestures. For women, we tend to love anything that's over-the-top and filled with romance. On the other hand, some guys if not all, would be happy and content with a romantic breakfast, their favorite DVDs, video games, or perhaps some basketball or baseball tickets. While thinking about romantic surprises that special guy, you are the one person who knows what he really wants. And as for the suggestions, we are always here to help you find out how to plan a romantic birthday.
Exciting Ideas
Picnic in the Backyard
young couple in picnic
While we're too busy with work and other responsibilities, we stop to treasure the smaller things in life. Hence, you can plan a picnic for your guy and set everything up in your backyard. Get a big blanket, place your basket on top, keep wine glasses and other utensils ready, and decorate the backyard with either tiki torches, candles, or Christmas lights. This way, you can carry on even if it gets dark. Make all his favorite dishes and feed each other. It's a wonderful way to spend the day.
Spa at Home
man getting spa treatment at home
Not every guy is keen on visiting a spa. Which is why, you can turn your bedroom into one. You can rent a massage table, get essential oils, keep soothing music handy, and set the mood in the room. Get dressed in a sexy outfit (a t-shirt and shorts will do) and when he arrives, take him directly into the bedroom. You can even lay rose petals from the doorstep till the bedroom. Once in the room, turn the music on, lower the lights, and begin your magic.
Romance the Night Away
couple having candlelit dinner
Spend his special day with him that ends with a beautiful candlelit dinner. That would be the best birthday gift; but with a twist to it. Don't cook for him, instead, take him to his favorite restaurant. You should visit the restaurant and plan the entire menu upfront. Order for champagne, ask them to decorate the table with red rose petals and place red candles. You can request them to play a song which you both love. On the D-day, just gaze into each others' eyes and enjoy the night.
A Night of Firsts
love notes
On this special night, you will take him down the memory lane. This idea will be sort of a map of your relationship. And for this, you'll need to do some research and planning. You need to note down the important "firsts" from the moment you two met. So this will be - first time you guys met, held hands, kissed, date, restaurant, loved, etc. Basically, anything that you can think of, that the two of you have done together for the very first time, can be included here.
Cliché Ideas
No offense, but a romantic candlelight dinner just doesn't seem enough when it comes to showing your feelings for your boyfriend or husband. Although there isn't anything wrong with it, what I mean to say is that don't do just that. A little bit here and a little bit there; club 2 - 3 birthday party ideas together and see him get really surprised. Arranging small birthday surprises for him would be the best birthday gift ever.
Include Friends
birthday party with friends
Albeit, many of you might be wanting "alone time" with him on his birthday, but arranging a quiet, intimate birthday party with your other couple-friends does sound tempting. However, why is it a romantic gift? Because he will never know that you'll be calling your friends over on his birthday and fix a cozy dinner. Get him a collection of his favorite movies or music CDs of his favorite band. Spend the night dancing, drinking, laughing, and with a beautiful dinner.
Make His Day
guy sleeping
Today is his big day and let him do whatever he wants to do. If he wants to sleep in, let him; don't disturb him. He wants breakfast in bed, wants you to bathe him, wishes to have dinner with you at his favorite restaurant, spend the day in the park or playing baseball with you, and in the end, go for a movie and have a fantastic dinner, just keep nodding, smile and let him have the day doing anything his heart wants. If you let him do whatever he wants, he will do the same for you later on.
Play Games All Day
couple playing video games
Boys love video games. As a romantic gesture to show him how much you care, suggest him if two of you can play some of his favorite video games. And if he doesn't have certain video games that he loves to play, purchase those and play them together. It may not sound like the best surprise, but he is going to love it. He'll be surprised for sure and love you even more. Who knows, both of you can find another thing in common and spend many more romantic times behaving like kids.
A Weekend Together
couple sitting in a jacuzzi
Our next birthday idea, we suggest "alone at last". This weekend is for the two of you only. So leave your work and stress behind to be with one another. Book a hotel in your town or some other town, and do whatever comes to your mind. Spend the days in the hotel room or try spending the day in town. In the night, you can go for late evening swimming and then go for a romantic dinner. He has to be away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life. Gift him a stress-free birthday.
These romantic surprises will definitely work on him. And I can say this with confidence because even I have tried a few of them myself. Although we have listed these ideas, that doesn't mean you can't put your own spin to them. If you are keen on trying any of these ideas, then go right ahead and see how surprised he will be. All the best!
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