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12 Cool Ideas and Magical Themes for a Spectacular 19th Birthday

12 Cool Ideas for a 19th Birthday
Turning 19 this year? Don't just let this special day go by like any other ordinary day. Your last year as a teen surely calls for a celebration! Go through this BirthdayFrenzy extract to get some cool ideas to celebrate your 19th birthday.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
Don't let the 18th and 21st birthdays overshadow your 19th one! Go through magazines, check online, and keep yourself updated on how your favorite teen-celebs celebrated their 19th birthday. Who knows, you might end up spending your day just like them.

People always consider their 18th birthday special. Stepping into a young-adult age is worth a jubilation. Likewise, girls turning 'sweet-sixteen' definitely calls for a celebration, and the same applies for boys turning seventeen. Also, the 21st birthday party has a lot of hullabaloo, you know why! But amidst all this, more often than not, the19th birthday gets neglected. We understand this is a difficult age for you're too old for pony rides and too young for boozing in clubs.
You are entering into adulthood. This is the last year of your teenage life. And would you let it go without celebrating? How about planning a surprise party for yourself? There are many things you could do to make your 19th birthday super fun!
Mexican Fiesta Theme - Decorations, Food, Drinks, and Favors
Hosting a Mexican fiesta party is a colorful and creative way to celebrate your 19th birthday. The entire theme should be reminiscent of the Mexican festival. Send out invites to friends and close relations beforehand, mentioning the time and venue details. Arrange a dance floor, or an area where your guests can dance. Play Mexican music along with the popular tracks to warm up the atmosphere.
Decorated table for a Mexican party theme
To bring the Mexican spirit to this event, the décor for the occasion has to include a Mexican color palette. Hues of greens, red, yellow, and white would top the list. Use Mexican alter candles to light up the place. You can have Mexican-themed centerpieces, flower vases, with red and green festival beads included in the rest of the decoration.
Mexican food
Table of delicious Mexican food - Fajitas, Tacos, Margharita, Seafood enchiladas, etc.
Mexican rice and chicken fajitas would be the ideal menu. Corn and black bean salsa, warm flour tortillas, and flan would be a great treat for your guests―the Mexican way! Including Tres Leches (three-milk cake) is another great idea. Don't forget to serve those refreshing fiesta drinks at your party.
Colorful Mexican sombreros as party favors
You could give out Mexican t-shirts or sombreros to your guests.
Murder Mystery Party Theme - Invites, Decorations, Food and Drinks, and Favors
Murder mystery is gaining popularity when it comes to throwing a theme-based party. First of all, you need to prepare a script for the mysterious murder. Take the expert guidance of elders, or you could let the party be organized by professionals. The outfits for the party can also be in sync with the roles; the suspects and the sleuths can wear thriller costumes.
Everyone in the party has to participate and enact the assigned roles. So make sure the people you're inviting are genuinely interested in being a part of this theme. Create a mysterious ambiance in line with the theme of your party, like the Victorian age or the Cruise.
Have a stylish buffet with delicious recipes for a detective-style party theme
Arranging a buffet is a better option here which could include barbecue recipes as starters, mini pizzas, stuffed mushrooms, etc. Have red- or orange-colored mocktails, and finally, serve 'Death by Chocolate' cakes, or pastries shaped like coffins. You could have gifts/prizes for those who give maximum number of clues, or for the one who solves the mystery.
Hawaiian Luau Party - Invites, Decorations, Food and Drinks, and Favors
A fun-filled party idea! Imagine beaches and palm trees, people dressed in tropical outfits like the straw skirts, and guys in those khaki shorts. When your guests arrive, present them with leis (garland or wreath). "Hau`oli la Hanau!" (Happy Birthday in Hawaiian)
Table with colorful cocktails - a part of the Hawaiian party decoration
The cards could feature hibiscus flowers with palm tree accents. Send out invites much before the event, giving your guests time to arrange for Hawaiian outfits. Decorations can include balloons, streamers, napkins, and tablecloths in Hawaiian colors (pink, turquoise, yellow, orange). Stock up beach balls, sunglasses, colorful cocktails, and other beach supplies to give that Hawaiian touch.
Hawaiian party food - Pineapple muffins, refreshing drinks, and fruit punch
You can have fruit kebabs, Hawaiian ham and cheese rolls, Hawaiian pizzas, pineapple mango salsa in the food menu. Refreshing fruit punch and tropical drinks can be served in coconut cups. The birthday cake can have a 'Hula dancer' figurine. You could give out tiki masks, hula hoops to your friends, and enjoy the party by playing traditional Hawaiian games.
Hollywood Theme Party - Invites, Decorations, Food and Drinks, and Favors
Wanna have a glamorous party? You surely adore movies, don't you? Plan a Hollywood theme for your party to celebrate your 19th year.
Lavishly decorated hall for a Hollywood-themed party
The invitation card should be embellished with glitter and accented with stars. Mention the theme, and ask your friends to dress up in fancy clothes like celebrities. The entrance could have a red carpet lined up all the way to the door! Have your photographer friend stand at the entrance, videotaping or clicking pictures of the guests entering the party.
Enter the party in your dazzling evening gown and stilettos, walking down the stairway. You can have banners like movie titles, directing your guests to the food center, or the dance floor. The entire venue studded with star-shaped lanterns, pin-ups of popular celebs, some evergreen movie posters, etc.
Delicious appetizers for a Hollywood-themed party
Red velvet cupcakes, star-shaped cookies, chocolate Wall of Fame cookies are some of the best delicacies that could be served at this party. You can have strawberry or cranberry juices served in wine glasses.
Decide a lavish main course. The cake can be three-tiered with a figurine of a favorite celeb as the topping, and decorated with figurines of handbags and heels. Shopping vouchers, mani-pedi sets can be given to girls. For guys, comic books, DVD sets, movie tickets make ideal gifts.
Some More Creative Ideas
Indulge Yourself In Spa Rejuvenation
Heavenly Spa Treatment
This is a cute birthday idea for girls. Pamper yourself by going to the spa with your besties, enjoying your last teen year with those girly spa treatments. Take prior appointments to avoid any mess-ups. A perfect idea to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy with your pals.
Go Shopping
It's your birthday darling! You definitely deserve a gift. Go shopping with your friend or mum, and splurge your money on gifts, gifts and gifts (And the best part of it is nobody would restrain you to buy something you like!) Don't forget to tuck into your favorite food when you order at the restaurant after you done with shopping. Again, this one's a girl's special.
Horse-riding, Trekking, or Hiking
Hiking trip with friends
If you're the adventurous type, plan a day out for horse-riding, rock-climbing, and trekking. Dress up in equestrian clothes and accessories. Capture polaroid snaps of you riding the horse, so that you can cherish the memories of your 19th birthday. A great idea for guys!
Late night skating is getting very popular among the teens. Choose a cool spot for skating where you could reserve a party room and have fun when you're not skating. A fun-filled idea, altogether!
Beach Holiday
Huddling close to a bonfire on an exotic beach holiday
Imagine you chilling out on the sand with your friends, and those waves lashing the shore. Just lying down on the beach and indulging in deep conversations! "Awww", such relaxation, wow! You can even try your hand at some watersports.
Are you a movie fanatic? Why not celebrate this special day doing something you absolutely adore? Grab a popcorn pack and your favorite drink, and go out with your friends to watch the latest movie.
Road Trip
Adventurous road trip
Road trips often take you to places you've never visited before. You can bring back memories that last forever. Plan a road trip with your buddies, and prepare a list of your favorite tracks, fetch some snacks, fuel your car, and get going!
Hot Chocolate Next to the Fire
Hot chocolate and bonfire―by far the best combo in this list! Arrange a campfire party in your backyard or at some outdoor forest area with your friends. This can be done a day before your birthday so that you can enjoy the camping! Build cute tents, play games like Truth and Dare accompanied with hot chocolate s'mores. You don't want the night to end, right?
Under the sea fruit theme decoration for a party
Closeup of cupcakes decorated with Happy Birthday theme
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Friends celebrating a birthday party on a rooftop
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