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10 Good and Funky Ideas to Celebrate Your 22nd Birthday in Style

10 Good Ideas to Celebrate Your 22nd Birthday
So, you have finally left your turbulent teens and stepped into the youthful years of your life. It's time to have a big celebration with friends and family. BirthdayFrenzy suggests some cool ideas to celebrate your 22nd birthday with fun and style.
Mary Anthony
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Did You Know?
Besides Feb 29th the least celebrated and common birthday is May 22nd.
Move over old birthday party themes, there are plenty of latest themes and ideas in the market that will blow your mind along with your birthday candles. Earlier birthdays were meant to just cut a cake at home, or celebrate at a selected venue with time-tested party music and the same set of games.

Now, it is time to experiment and have fun with the new age style after the old school discos and nerd costumes styles. It's time to think out of the party box and come up with something original and funky for a birthday celebration.

Listed below are some crazy party themes to try out on your 22nd birthday, or maybe if you just want to surprise someone on their birthday!
Toga Party
Popularized by the movie, National Lampoon's Animal House, this Greek-Roman themed party is one hell-raiser, so get out and glamorize those mundane bed sheets and channel the Greek God and Goddess in you. Of course! you can have plenty of wine and exotic food on the table with a Greco-Roman cake to complement it. Send out invitations in ancient Roman or Greek style made out of parchments. It can be handwritten or stenciled, tied with a ribbon or an elaborate scroll style.
Decorate the house in white and gold with fake ivy and swirls of grapevines hanging from the ceilings or table. Complete the look with exotic white and gold aromatic candles. Throw in some games and enjoy the evening. You can also ask one of the guests to dress up like Julius Caesar, and be the judge for best costumes. Organize wine-tasting and drinking contests. Hire a bartender to regale the guests with Roman-inspired cocktails and beer. This white and gold evening is classic and wild at the same time. What's more, it's awesome to feel the thrill as all your guests chant Toga!Toga! when you cut the cake.
Photo Booth Party
Life is full of memories and to capture it through a lens in a crazy way is the best birthday party theme. You can choose to rent a photo booth along with some professional help, or with a digital camera, do-it-yourself by setting up a lavish backdrop.
man photographing
Hand out made-by-yourself photo or polaroid invitations to the guests, rent props, or ask your guests to bring their own wacky and quirky props to liven up the evening. Organize games like Mr. and Miss Photogenic, the funniest costume, the best smile etc., by giving fake award trophies. Drink, dine, and say cheese! as you cut your cake.
Arrange a Party Bus
The party bus is coming and everybody's excited! Yes! Yes! a birthday on wheels! Rent a double-decker bus and enjoy as it drives around the city or takes a special tour to a destination of your choice. Send out invites designed as bus tickets, hire a DJ, or make your party mix music to play in the bus.
party bus
Decorate the bus with LED lights, party festoons and colorful balloons. Organize games like bingo, sing along with the songs, click crazy pictures etc., to liven up the evening when you are on the move. Serve some signature drinks and appetizing food to set the party mood. Later stop the bus at a chosen spot and burst firecrackers as you cut your cake!
Marie Antoinette Party
"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" (let them eat cake), the epitomized French phrase could make a good birthday party theme. Send out elaborate party invites on paper cakes or a box of personalized cupcakes. Set the dress theme to the sophisticated 18th century French era, hire caterers to serve tantalizing desserts and lavish drinks to the guests throughout the party, and decorate the venue, vintage style.
Organize a fancy ball dance, special French manicure for the female guests, pamper the men with French cuisine, and complete the evening by cutting a delicious enormous-tiered cake. It's sure to make you and the guests feel a part of royalty.
'The Job You Will Never Have' Theme Party
Well this one is a sure twister, all you have to do is ask your guests to choose a career they didn't want or wish for and dress up that way e.g. if one is an English student then dress like a surgeon, if one is beautician then dress like a racer, the options are endless.
Send out wacky invites, organize contests where one can give an impromptu speech about the profession that your dress represents. Throw in some good food and music. It's sure to blast the party mood. Cut a career-themed cake, and by the end of it all, it's possible that someone might just want to change their career.
Luau Party
Get tropical and send out personalized luau invites with a wrist bracelet made of flowers, asking the guests to wear it at the party along with fabulous aloha-themed costumes. You can hand out leis, bucket hats, and tropical glasses to your guests to limbo into the theme.
Decorate the venue with tropical colors, line the mock bar with a raffia table skirt so that your guests feel like they are on the beach, and serve up special drinks in LED glasses with cocktail umbrellas. Jive to Hawaiian music and gorge on some typical tropical delights. Keep the guests entertained by a limbo contest or a live Hawaiian dance, and cut a Luau-themed cake to complete the Hawaiian evening.
Flash Mob Party
The present generation and the next as well loves to stay connected. Becoming an internet sensation overnight is something every youngster dreams about, so, if you want to try the step-up on the streets, then, you will need a lot of planning. Gather your friends and family and practice a dance routine for a month just before your birthday.
butterfly costume
Choose your favorite, crowded location and do a flash mob performance in front of the crowd on your birthday! Have a friend record it, and Tada! You're famous! Of course, if you plan to give a surprise birthday party to someone, this idea is just amazing to go with. It just might get you an invite to the Ellen show where you can cut your birthday cake.
Outdoor Movie Party
Play movie buffs and arrange a movie screening under the starlit sky. Send out invites designed as movie tickets, and choose a favorite blockbuster to screen. A red carpet welcome for the guests, and assortments like caramel-flavored popcorn and soda with delicious mouth-watering homemade delicacies can be the highlight of the evening.
Outdoor Movie Party
Decorate the backyard with beautiful lanterns or LED lights and throw in comfy rugs, blankets, lounge couches, lawn chairs, or outdoor chairs for a comfortable seating arrangement. The screening equipment can be hired or borrowed from friends, and as you huddle around and watch a tear-jerker, or action thriller, or a rom-com movie, you can have everyone singing Happy Birthday as you cut your cake.
Carnival Party
Move over circus, there is a carnival in the backyard! Send out invites as carnival entry tickets and begin the party. Hot dogs, cotton candy, soda, and popcorn, the perfect carnival foods that set the mood right. Have fun stalls set up to let the guest enjoy. like a kissing booth, a fortune cookie, and a fortune teller booth, lucky draws, inflatable games, and of course a clown. A cake in the shape of a giant, candy ferris wheel will surely make the evening even more memorable.
Arabian Night Party
If you wish to experience the exotic Arabian ambiance, then, this party can sure enthrall the guests. Send out invites designed in middle eastern theme. Hire belly dancers, henna designers, and an Arabic band. The interiors could be decorated with colorful drapes, curtains, and cushions, or Arabian style tents could be put up in the backyard. Serve your guests with some middle eastern delights and exotic cocktails. Cut a magical lamp genie-themed cake to add to the fun.
These are some unique ways to celebrate your day in a big way. Hope you enjoyed this BirthdayFrenzy list, and also, made a mental note to celebrate your 22nd birthday in the most craziest of ways possible! Have a Good One!
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