Good 20th Birthday Gifts

Giving a good birthday gift to someone turning 20 is kind of tricky, because you don't know exactly how serious or lighthearted the person is about turning twenty. The best idea is to be safe and stick to gifts that are somewhere in between, like the ones mentioned in this article.
BirthdayFrenzy Staff
Turning 20 is an important day in everyone's life. You're finally out of your teens and suddenly seem to have a more concrete perception of life and what it involves. You're suddenly aware that you've been protected all this while and now it's time to stand on your two feet and take on whatever comes your way. If you have someone close to you celebrating this important birthday soon, then this BirthdayFrenzy article will give you some ideas for good birthday gifts that you can try out. They're fairly neutral, so you can easily pick one for a girl or a boy.
TV Series
Every (or almost every) 20 year old watches TV. He or she is bound to have a favorite TV show that they watch reruns of. What you and your friends can do is, find a pack of all the seasons of that particular show and buy it for the birthday boy or girl. You'll have to pitch in because this gift won't exactly come cheap. You can browse online for great deals on these DVD packs though. But do it relatively in advance, so that you give them enough time for things like shipping, etc. He or she will absolutely love the gift, you can safely take that for granted.
Hobby Gift
Here's a good idea for a gift for anyone, let alone a 20 year old. He or she must have a hobby or something that they are passionate about. Give them a gift that is related to the hobby. If it's reading that he or she enjoys, get a book set of his or her favorite book series. If it's arts and crafts, get a kit of something to do with the type of crafts that he or she enjoys. If it's painting or sketching, get a book with instructions and a practice book as well. Such simple, yet effective gifts will show the thought that you put into getting it.
Name Meaning
Another creative gift idea for a soon to be 20 year old is this one. Do some research, ask around and look up the Internet and find out the meaning of the name of the birthday boy or girl. When you do, write it out in the form of a poem if you can, or simply write a few lines about the positive traits that are associated with the person's name. Write this out on a pretty hand made paper and then paste it into a handmade card. Put it in a pretty envelope and give it to him or her, along with a flower. It's a lovely gift!
A gift idea that never goes out of style is a gift item to do with the person's birthstone. Find out what the birthstone of the birthday boy or girl is, and then decide accordingly about what options you have. If it's a girl, it's fairly easy. Any kind of jewelry like earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, brooches, etc. can be encrusted with the birthstone. For a boy, it becomes a little tricky. You might have to look around a little more and get things like an encrusted writing instrument, a paper cutter, a key ring or something like that. It's slightly more challenging, but not impossible.
Birthday Newspaper
You can also do something completely out of the box, like this idea. You can make a newspaper of the birthday in a 'then and now' format. First, if you can manage it, get a hold of any newspaper on the day that the person was born, exact day and date. Libraries and newspaper offices are sure to have a copy in their archives. That takes care of the 'then' part. For the 'now' part, you can plan out a fun day and include the entire day's plan in the self made newspaper and hand it to the person. Use nice photographs of the person and explain all the activities that are going to take place - newspaper style. It will be a fun and memorable birthday gift for sure!
The secret behind getting a good birthday gift is to get something that is neither too childish, nor too mature. A 20 year old may definitely be wiser than a teenager, but that does not mean that the child in him or her has suddenly disappeared. So, get an appropriate gift and it will be loved.
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