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25 And Alive! Extraordinary Things to Do on Your 25th Birthday

Things to Do on Your 25th Birthday
The 25th birthday is something special, after all, you are about to complete a quarter of a century of your life! It is a landmark age that encapsulates youth, adventure, and a zest for living life to its fullest.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Turning 25 is like opening a whole new chapter of adulthood. It is milestone, which has to be celebrated in an unforgettable way. The party needs to be more than just cutting a cake and have a few friends over. To make it special, throw a surprise birthday for your friend who is going to turning 25 this year. It is a day, that has got to be the most special one of the year. Reaching the finish line of the first quarter is a reflection of the arduous effort you have put in to becoming the person you are.
Fun Things To Do On Your 25th Birthday
List of 25 Things
There is always a list of things to do. Sadly, you are either too young for it or too old. As you are about to turn 25 this year, make a list of things you have waited to do for so long. It could be as simple as revisiting a place you grew up in or going bungee jumping. Make a list of friends you would want to share these experiences with and have an adventurous 25th birthday, exploring a flip side of life.
Start a New Hobby
Learning is a continuous process. None of us ever stop drawing lessons from the things we do in our everyday lives. Celebrate this 25th birthday by learning something new. Join dance classes, learn pottery, try your hand at cooking and take driving lessons (if you don't know how to drive). Pick an activity that you wanted to do since a long time and get started with it this birthday. There is nothing more satisfying than fulfilling your innate desire.
Irresistible Indulgence
By the time you turn 25, you are already in the rut of making a professional life. It is all about your career choices and spending more and more time at office. This can get tiring and lead exhaustion. Get out of this routine, by booking yourself in a whole day spa on your 25th birthday. Indulge in soothing pleasures of aromatic essential oils and perfumed candles. Allow your mind, body and soul to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize. This truly is an irresistible indulgence!
Charm Bracelet
A girl can never get enough of accessories. Add to your collection of bracelet by making a charm bracelet this 25th birthday. Plan a trip around the country or across national boundaries and make a bracelet of little trinkets. This birthday idea is not just about adding a piece of jewelry to your collection, but it is the experience of traveling around that will make this birthday celebration a memorable one.
Back to School
School is one place that always remains close to your heart. For it is an institution that empowers you to be the person you are today. As you turn 25 go back to your school to pay gratitude to those who have shaped your life. Spend a day with kids and relive the best days of your life with your school friends. Donate books to your school library or make a contribution to sports equipment. A trip down the memory lane is a unique way to celebrate your 25th birthday.
Your birthday is about your wishes and things you would enjoy doing. In case you are hoping to attend a surprise party, keep giving your friend subtle hints to throw a party! A demand, sweet as such, will be definitely fulfilled, as the day is all about you.
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