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Party Ideas for 13-year-old Girls

Planning a 13th birthday party but can't figure out the theme? We've got it covered. In the following article, we have provided a few suggestions on how a 13-year-old girl would like to enjoy her birthday...
BirthdayFrenzy Staff
Last Updated: May 8, 2018
Pretty teen girl with many blue and pink balloons
13; it has got to be one of the most awaited birthdays for a girl. The stepping stone to womanhood; the beginning of wonderful, exhilarating, and confusing teen years. A mother is always looking forward to this time where she gets to see her darling sweetheart grow into a young woman. And to celebrate this age, a party is in order. So have you thought about what you're going to do at the party? Has any theme crossed your mind? How about we help you out with awesome ideas. Are you game? Then let's get to them.
Fabulous Ideas for a Party
Depending on the venue for the party, you can select different party themes. So first decide if you're hosting the party at home or some other place. What you need to keep in mind is if your daughter and her friends will enjoy it. This will also help you plan what kind of food you're going to serve, the decorations, and music. Considering all these factors, we've come up with some suggestions. Take a look.
Scavenger Hunt
Two girls having fun on birthday party
Plan a scavenger hunt for the girls and ask them to dress up as pirates for the party. You can plan the hunt in the backyard or the park. Hide items at different locations and make detailed maps. Come up with interesting riddles that the girls can solve to reach the final clue. The girl that solves all the riddles will win a great gift or party favor. You can even keep the theme of the party along the same line.
Movie Night
Happy kids enjoying themselves at a birthday party
Teenage girls love chick flicks. So why not use this to your advantage. Plan the party keeping this in mind. Do you and your friends like particular chick flicks like 27 Dresses, Twilight, or The Princess Diary? If you like any of these movies then why not decorate the venue accordingly. For example, if your favorite movie is The Princess Diary, then ask your friends to dress like princesses and decorate the venue like a castle. You can even watch the movies you all love and have a tea party later on.
Makeover Session
Birthday party
For our next theme, we present you a makeover party. Yes! Girls love to apply makeup, do their hair, and dress in cute outfits. You can ask your mom to get rental outfits for your friends so you all can dress up in them and take lots and lots of pictures. Try different types of makeup and hairstyles on each other. It will be a party like never before.
Dance Night
Birthday party
Dancing is always fun at parties. And that's our next idea. You can call a DJ for the party or have a karaoke machine set up in the living room. Keep finger foods and lots of punch so that the girls can take a break whenever they want. Ask them to dress in their best outfits and take their pictures when they arrive for the party. Give these pictures to them as a remembrance of the party.
Beach Party
Beautiful Hispanic girl being brought her birthday cake
Now this is a different kind of theme. For a beach party, you can pick one out of two things - keep the party at the beach itself or if you have a pool in your backyard, then have the party there. Regardless of where you host the party, you can organize different games and water sports. Serve burgers, chips, seafood, French fries, and aerated drinks. In the evening, you can light a campfire and make S'mores. Play music and dance around the fire.
Birthday Breakfast
Group Of Children Having Outdoor Birthday Party
Who said that a birthday party always has to be in the evening? There are times when parents would like that their kids come home early in the evening, but have enough time to enjoy as well. So why not make it a birthday breakfast instead. You can serve pancakes, waffles, orange juice, omelet, and sausages to everyone. Have the kids come over in their PJs so it seems that they just woke up. You can even have the girls help out with preparing for breakfast. Making cookies and muffins is a great way to enjoy the party.
Bowling Alley
If the girls are interested in sports, you can arrange the party at your nearest bowling alley. It's something they'll love to do and won't require you to organize games and food for the party as well. Carpool if you want, get all the girls to the bowling alley, and let them go crazy. They'll be able to bowl and play other arcade games too.
Mocktail Party
Table setting with garlands, daisy flowers and paper pom pons
This is a great way for all the girls to wear their pretty dresses and have a "grown up" party. For this theme, you can have the party in your backyard where you can use beautiful Christmas lights for decoration and set up picnic tables. Get finger foods and at least 3-4 mocktails prepared for the party. As for the music, the latest teen pop songs will do the trick.
In the end, whether to choose from the above mentioned party themes or you come up with your own ideas depends solely on you. So do make sure that you are super excited about the party and plan the rest of the day accordingly. Remember, this party, this day is only going to come once in your life. Which is why, you have to go all out and celebrate with that much gusto. And when you and your friends are having fun at the party, no one can stop it from making it a big hit.
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Festive table setting for birthday on celebratory decorations
Festive table setting for birthday on celebratory decorations
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Birthday Tea Party Table Setting
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Dessert table
Dessert table at kids birthday party
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Birthday Pink Princess Party
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Birthday table
Birthday party table
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