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Inspiring 50th Birthday Party Invitation Wordings to Choose From

50th Birthday Party Invitation Wording
One day, you're turning 18, trotting past 30, and now leaping over 49. Birthdays fly by, and you wonder where all that time went. Luckily, you have the memories of each birthday to carry forward. Why should one's 50th birthday be any different from the good ol' days? Send fancy invites to your guests either for your own 50th birthday celebration or someone else's. Have Fun!
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Last Updated: Jan 20, 2018
Birthdays shouldn't be dreaded when the date looms near, but celebrated with pomp and show. You've made it through an entire year of ups and downs, regrets possibly and good times, tears and laughs, and all sorts of situations - this is your day to kick back to, as you take in all the attention and love from close friends and family. You'll find some helpful 50th birthday invitation wording suggestions that you can include when inviting guests for the birthday bash.
Invitation Wording by Self
These ideas are for those who are wording their own 50th birthday invites, where you can use either a formal or fun approach when putting one together.
Beautiful floral greeting card.
Birthdays Should Be Celebrated Like There's No Tomorrow!
Today I woke up and realized - life's too short to waste it on worrying about what tomorrow will bring. That's why, I've planned an entire day of leisure with just the family. It's my birthday today, and I want YOU to be there. It's going to be an all-nighter, so pack your bags!

PS: For directions, a mini map of the venue has been provided on the back.
I Can't Remember the Last Time I Threw a Party!
I may be a year older in a few days, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still young at heart. Age is just a number, not a measuring aid to use against ourselves as people.

When I'm in my 70s, I want to be able to look back and remember this grand day (unless Alzheimer's catches up with me first!). So join me as I celebrate my 50th birthday - I'd love to share it with you by my side.
You Can Never Be Too Old To Celebrate Your Birthday
I may be big-boned, wrinkly, and not exactly in my prime. But one thing I do know for sure is, I'm still fabulous, and the luckiest person in the world to have you as a friend. Here's inviting you to a birthday brunch, with me as your special host!
Invitation Wording for a Surprise Birthday Party
If you're throwing a surprise birthday party for a loved one or friend, these invite wording suggestions will come in handy.
Beautiful floral greeting card.
Beautiful floral greeting card.
Shh.. Top Secret Birthday Plan In Progress.
Jane is turning 50,
of that she is aware.
But we want to surprise her,
with all of you there.
So the party is a secret,
she doesn't know it yet.
And if you keep it quiet,
a surprise she will get!"

We hope you will make it for the birthday celebrations.
It would really mean a lot if you were part of the preparations.
How About Joining Us For A Surprise Birthday Bash?
We're hosting a surprise birthday party in honor of our boss, a dedicated and hardworking individual who barely has time to let down his hair. Let's do a little something exciting and memorable for his 50th birthday.

PS: We're coordinating secret meetings on how to plan the party, so be on time whenever we schedule one. Let the brainstorming commence!
When going with a particular 50th birthday party invitation wording idea, be sure to experiment with other ways of how to make the invites more appealing. It can be fun, humorous, or even visually creative if you'd like.
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