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Astoundingly Creative Ideas for Homemade Birthday Cards

Priya Johnson Apr 19, 2019
Presenting homemade birthday cards to your loved ones is a way of telling them how special they are to you. Let's take a look at some interesting birthday card ideas ...
You don't need the gift of sketching or painting to be able to make cards. All you need is creativity and the interest to make them. If you love craft, card-making will be a piece of cake!
By using various embellishments, you can make really pretty birthday cards and present them to your loved ones. Homemade birthday cards are always valued, because of the time and energy invested in making them.

Homemade Birthday Card Requirements

In order to make homemade cards, you will need card stock to make the card, and some card-making supplies such as a pair of scissors, pencil, ruler, eraser, glue, ribbons, and other embellishments one desires. These days one can also pick up double-sided tape, glue dots, sticky fixer pads, etc., that help stick things without creating a mess.
Then again, there are craft scissors, which come with different kinds of blades. This helps you have a lovely serrated card border in just no time. Now, let's take a look at some interesting card-making ideas that one can try out at home.

Cards for Mom

Paper Quilling

Paper quilling is a wonderful art and can be used to make fantastic birthday cards. Buy a paper quilling set and use the beginner's guide to learn how to go about paper quilling.
Once you have got the hang of this art of making intricate shapes from strips of paper, you can use it to make cards. Write an interesting birthday message within.

Spinning Birthday Card

If quilling is too complex for you to try or you do not have the time to go in for that, try making a spinning birthday card for your mom. For this you need one of your snaps and one of your mom's snaps. You can also use two snaps of you and your mother together in each snap.

Cards for Dad

Pressed Flowers and Leaves

These cards are great for dads who love gardening! Take your dad's favorite flower (along with the stem) or even a cutting of his favorite plant. For pressing them you need two sheets of cardboard and some absorbent paper.
Take the flower with its stalk or the leaf cutting and place it between two sheets of absorbent paper. Now, place them in between two sheets of cardboard and press down. Sit on the cardboard or place some thick books on it. This will cause the cutting to get pressed and will extract all the plant juices, which get absorbed into the absorbent paper.
On a daily basis, keep airing the cuttings and replacing the absorbent paper. When the cutting has dried, it will appear beautiful, with its original color preserved. Paste it on a card and present it to your dad.

Sandpaper Cards

Does your dad love to work with wood? Then, a sandpaper card will be great for him. Get hold of some sandpaper and card paper. Draw a few patterns on the sandpaper and cut them out with a pair of scissors.
Stick them onto the card with glue and your card is ready! It's an easy card, however, cutting the sandpaper can prove to be quite challenging if you are making several cutouts. Select a poem and write it on the card.

Cards for Kids

Pop-Up Cards

Pop-up cards intrigue kids and bring smiles on their cute faces. These cards are unbelievably simple to make.
All you need is simple card paper, which needs to be folded in the form of a card. The movement in these cards and the interesting pop ups always make these cards a hit with the kids.

Spray Painted Cards

Cut out certain desired shapes like stars, flowers, etc. Now, place the cut out on the card paper. For spray painting you need water paints, a bowl, and a toothbrush.
Now dip the toothbrush in the bowl of paint and rub the bristles of the toothbrush with your finger back and forth, such that the paint is sprayed onto the cutout placed on the card. Once you have sprayed enough paint, cease spraying and remove the shape. You will find that the shape has been formed with spray paint on the sides. It looks very pretty!

Cards for Friends

Photo Cards

Photo cards are really simple and can be made by anyone and everyone. Just take a lovely photograph in which one of those wonderful times you spent with your friends was captured. Paste the photograph on the card.
Write a few wonderful words inside and your card is done! Those of you who are well-versed with photo-shop can bring together pictures of different times spent together, and get a print out and paste it on the card. Photo cards are good for boyfriends as well.

Fabric Cards

In fabric cards, the entire card is not made of fabric. It's just that the fabric is used as an embellishment. Lovely pieces of fabric can be cutout in desired shapes and glued onto the card paper. The texture and feel of a fabric card is wonderful. You can also stitch them onto the card if you want.
Besides these ideas, one can also make cards by painting, stamping, and embossing techniques. Cards made with rubber stamps are quite easy to make! With homemade birthday cards, all you need to do is look around the house.
You'll be surprised what all look good on cards. Hence, the key to making a unique card is to having a keen eye for embellishments!